Social Media Changes Customer Service

The way an organisation approaches customer service has changed through the rise of social networking sites so they must adapt to this evolution.

The rise of social media means that firms must be more transparent with their customers and this online platform should allow them to develop engaging and long-lasting relationships with consumers. Businesses must train their marketing and customer service employees to become more active on social media sites as this will enable them to collaborate to provide special offers to valued customers.

Firms that want to get actively involved in social media must dedicate significant resources to their internet customer services department in order to consistently monitor their online reputation. Organisations which adapt their approach to social media in such a way must understand that doing so will require a conscious change in their culture especially if they intend to deal with customers proactively.

Performance improvement consulting professionals can help organisations enhance customer services in this way be using their management expertise to apply systems thinking business theory. Applying systems thinking theory allows a business to view their organisation from their customer’s perspective in order to examine where the consumer gains value when interacting with the company.

When examining value it is important to focus on more than price as monetary benefits are not the be all and end all of customer services as consumers expect more than financial rewards on interacting with an organisation. Organisations must concentrate on meeting the customer’s needs and aim to provide the perfect solution to this requirement but this can be difficult as different customers will want different things.

The perception of an organisation will vary between customers so in order to manage your consumer base a whole it is advantageous to segment them so that you make each need distinctive. Modern consumers want ease and convenience and these demands have not been affected by the current economic climate so businesses must keep abreast of the latest developments in customer service. Employing performance improvement consulting professionals will enable a business to stay one step ahead of their competitors as these consultants will be able to deliver first-class results.

Management consultants are in demand as a growing number of businesses look to take advantage of the economic recovery.


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