Social Media or the Good Old Visiting Cards?

This is going to be a heated argument, if starts! In the age of social networking and things like pocket finders, is it essential to have visiting cards? I am afraid I’ll have to say yes, to the dislike of the avid followers of social media! All of us know that it is easy to locate anything using the web, but visiting cards still hold the same importance. Business cards have been with us for a considerably long time. Needless to say, you can Google it! However, the reason that they are significant is simply because we still get them printed!

Now, the first reason why we need them is that they are a great recall measure. Even if you have the web available to you all the time, you can’t possibly remember everything, or can you? With a visiting card, you won’t have to remember names, addresses or phone numbers at all. For a business entity, it is a great promotional tool. It speaks for your brand name. You cannot always be professional while using your social media profile. For that, you need business cards! One also has to understand that business card is not for our use, it is for others. For instance, while traveling you meet a potential customer, and you don’t have your card with you. Do you really think that he or she will remember you, even if you tell a hundred good things about your company? However, be sure, he will call you some day if you hand him your card. You cannot carry your social media account with you. What you can carry is a visiting card! Your card serves as an advertising platform in itself. You can mention your social media detail on it for the client’s further reference. It is the only thing that will save you just at the right moment. It can also act as a great conversation starter. The moment you hand a visiting card to a prospective client, there will be thousand things in his mind, believe me. A card can put you in good stead then and there. You cannot possibly tell a potential customer, a stranger to visit or subscribe to your business blog, but you can definitely give them your visiting card that has all the details of your blog. He might be interested to subscribe to the same, if approached in the right manner.

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