Suspect in Stolen-BMW Assault Case Dies in Florida Shootout

A former convict being tracked by authorities for two weeks after they said he stole a BMW sports car and stuffed its injured owner in the trunk was killed Friday in a shootout with federal officers in Florida, officials said.

The suspect, Barion A. Blake, 30, had been sought since Jan. 26 in the attack on Akeem Ajimotokan, who had advertised the car, a BMW M3 coupe, for sale online for $46,000.

After meeting Mr. Ajimotokan, the police said, Mr. Blake stabbed him, nearly sliced off one of his ears, stuffed him in the trunk of the car and drove off. The car was abandoned after an accident in Upper Manhattan.

A yellow-cab driver, whose vehicle was rear-ended by the BMW, said the tall, tattooed driver — who the authorities believe was Mr. Blake — simply walked away.

Eventually, the authorities tracked Mr. Blake to Jacksonville, Fla., and on Friday afternoon, as they approached him, he opened fire, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was still unfolding.

The official said the number of shots Mr. Blake had fired at the officers was initially thought to have been about 10, though details remained sketchy.

“He was being tracked and there was an interaction with the U.S. marshals, and he opened fire on them, and they returned fire and shot and killed him,” said the official. “It was U.S. marshals that he fired on.”

After being found in his BMW two weeks ago, Mr. Ajimotokan was taken to Harlem Hospital Center, where he was in a coma, an official said. He was later moved to an undisclosed hospital in New York City for privacy.

On Friday, his brother Dr. Ayo Ajim said by e-mail that Mr. Ajimotokan’s condition was improving.

“Akeem is doing a little better, but still in coma at the hospital,” he wrote. “We continue to hope and pray for him to get better.”

Dr. Ajim said in an interview that he had spoken with an assistant district attorney handling the criminal case and had been informed of Mr. Blake’s death.

“We were told, the last we heard, was that they had cornered him into a building, and they knew he was there from the cellphone,” he said. “But the building has 600 apartments and they were playing a waiting game.”

He also said the news of Mr. Blake’s death had brought some relief.

But, he said: “It’s just so sad to know that we happen to be dealing with loss of life and a coma over a vehicle. The whole thing is so sad.”

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