A Builders Risk Policy in New Jersey Can Protect From Loss

Most insurance policies are built to protect the insured from financial loss. For construction business owners, the risk of loss is high. The projects being worked on could be damaged from a storm, workers could get injured, and work may have to stop due to an unforeseen issue. With all of these risks associated with the construction industry, it is no wonder a policy, such as the builders risk policy in New Jersey, is needed to help protect from loss.


This specialized policy offers special protection for construction companies that build new structures. It may insure the following:

  • Destruction to materials and structure by fire, vandalism, floods and windstorms
  • Materials in transportation to work site
  • Materials stored on site
  • Theft of materials or equipment from the site
  • Losses caused by changes in city ordinance or laws
  • Losses due to delays caused by covered occurrence

Depending on the exact coverage a business gets, multiple work sites may be able to be covered under the same builder’s risk policy in New Jersey.

Work With a Professional

While some of the above protection may be available in any policy, the coverage really depends on the insurer who writes the policy. For example, there may be additional coverages available that the base policy does not cover. A business could get coverage for debris removal and other specialized duties if the insurer creates the right policy.