An Insurance Policy Designed With the Staffing Industry in Mind

Staffing agencies are subject to more class action lawsuits than most any other industry today. From negligent hiring to failure to act, there are a number of reasons that a staffing agency may be sued, which is why it is so important that you, as the owner of an agency, invest in staffing agency insurance. The right professional liability policy can protect you from assuming financially liability when a company is dissatisfied with your services and files a claim against you because of it.

The most common reason that staffing agencies are sued is because of placement. Companies pay staffing agencies a lot of money to find them the ideal candidates, so when an agency provides wrong or improper workers, fails to test or screen applicants properly or misrepresents a candidate in order to produce some results, those companies may choose to sue. A sound errors and omissions policy can cover the cost of attorney fees, court fees and if applicable, settlement awards.

Though you may do your best to yield the best possible candidates for your clients, mistakes do happen. Protect yourself from costly mistakes and work with an insurance company that specializes in staffing agency insurance. It may be the best investment you make for your firm this year.

Umbrella Liability Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agency insurance packages should include an Umbrella Liability policy to protect agencies in the event that other coverage falls short. An Umbrella policy provides additional coverages and limits of liability over other underlying policies including but not limited to auto policies, Professional Liability, General Liability and Employment Practices Liability coverage. If other policies reach their limits and additional coverage is needed, Umbrella Liability steps in. You may think of umbrella policies as a kind of safeguard that pick up where other liability coverage leaves off. Many clients, in fact, require that staffing agencies carry such coverage.

What Is Covered?

Umbrella Liability policies generally include increased coverages and limits of liability over any underlying policies. These underlying policies can include:

  • General Liability coverage
  • Professional Liability coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability coverage
  • Commercial Auto Liability coverage

What Else Is Included?

Plans may include Casualty Business Crisis Expense coverage. This covers:

  • Major accidents
  • Multiple injuries and deaths
  • Burns
  • Dismemberment
  • Traumatic brain injury

In the event of a major accident, staffing agencies should carry Umbrella Liability Insurance. As with all coverage, we may hope that we never have to use it, but when we do, it’s a necessity. Any staffing agency insurance plan should include appropriate Umbrella Liability Insurance.


Commercial General Liability for Staffing Insurance

There are plenty of coverage options for staffing insurance, but it’s best that business owners start out with the basics. General liability is common on a variety of insurance policies outside of staffing agencies, and with good reason. To better understand the more complex policies, staffing agency owners should get a firm grasp on the basics.

Two-Part Coverage

One of the first things to know about general liability for staffing agency insurance is that it’s divided into two parts: property damage and bodily injury resulting from accidents and “personal and advertising injury.” With property damage and bodily injury, the policyholder is responsible for any damage caused by the accident. “Personal and advertising injury” coverage relates to injuries resulting from malicious prosecution, a false arrest, using another person’s idea and more. With both parts of the coverage, the insurance company is obligated to provide legal counsel in the event that the policyholder is sued.

General Liability Medical Payments

Also included in a general liability policy for staffing agency insurance is medical coverage. These payments pertain to physical injuries that are the result of accidents that occur on the insured individual’s property or because of the insured individual’s business practices.

Staffing agency owners should be sure to discuss their general liability coverage to make sure they understand it and to see if there are any gaps to cover.


Reasons You Need Specialized Staffing Agency Insurance

When you run a staffing agency, you face unique challenges that other business types don’t. For example, if one of your temporary employees is accused of theft at a job site or becomes injured on a job assignment, your agency needs to be protected. Here’s why you should turn to a staffing agency insurance carrier.

Knowledge of Staffing Agency Needs

The very nature of the staffing industry lends itself to situations where insurance coverage can be ambiguous or misleading. When you partner with a carrier that specializes in insurance for staffing agencies, you have peace of mind that you are comprehensively covered. These carriers know the common problems that staffing agencies face and can help more than a general insurance company could.

Your Business Remains Current

When you buy, say, car insurance, your carrier often tells you of ways to save. For example, you can save by taking a defensive driving course. Likewise, staffing agency insurers can educate you on ways to stay safe and current—ways you may not have thought of with a general insurance carrier. The net result is decreased risk and increased business success.

Staffing agencies need insurance carriers that understand the challenges of the industry. These staffing agency insurance carriers address potential coverage gaps and provide additional peace of mind.