Take Care Of Your Short-Term Employees

Temporary worker insuranceMany people find themselves working on a temporary basis for a company and at that time they are eligible for temporary worker insurance. Many people who are employed for a short period of time for a company decide to opt of short-term health insurance to cover them and their families for this time. Premiums for these short-term premiums are reasonable and many companies will cover from 30 days to 12 months, some insurance companies are now offering coverage for 36 months. The benefits and the length of coverage varies from state to state, these types of short-term policies are really designated to protect the families from catastrophic issues and major emergency illnesses.

Temporary worker insurance is also available to people who have been laid off or are between jobs. The cost of COBRA is exorbitant for most people to deal with, especially those who have lost their jobs and for which money is a huge issue. Plans can be purchased for as little as a month. It is always important to have health insurance as we do not know when a major illness will strike or when we are involved in an accident of some kind and need to spend time in the hospital.

Temporary worker insurance protects your family through a short-term period while you are looking for another job. Workers who are temporary cannot tap into the full time employees’ benefits, so short-term insurance is a benefit for them.

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