The Seven Types of Insurance Coverage Every VNA Needs

Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) are unique organizations in that each one is both a business and a provider of health care. Traditional insurance policies that cover only one of these aspects will typically be insufficient; to protect itself and its workers fully, a VNA needs the more comprehensive approach found in specialty insurance for VNAs.

Key Features

Policies will differ, but at a minimum, coverage should include seven key features:

  1. Professional liability to protect all of the different types of healthcare workers that the VNA is sending out to the community, including volunteers and contractors
  2. Workers’ compensation for employees who are injured on the job
  3. General liability to protect the VNA from a variety of claims, such as bodily injury and property damage
  4. Coverage for rental and other non-owned cars
  5. Directors’ and officers’ coverage for legal expenses that can arise from claims of errors in management decisions
  6. Employment practices liability insurance to cover such issues as wrongful termination and sexual harassment
  7. Coverage for regulatory audits, which is absolutely vital if the VNA accepts Medicare or Medicaid payments

Complete Coverage

Communities all across America have come to depend on the healthcare workers that VNAs provide through their services, including nurses, physical therapists, home health aides, and many others. Having the complete coverage found in specialty insurance for VNAs will ensure that all of these workers are adequately protected.