The Top Features of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketings key feature is its high impact nature. Its not possible for any other form of wide dissemination marketing to reach so many people on such an immediate or individual level. Thats because the mobile marketing recipient has often chosen to be a part of the action by sending a mobile keyword (the mobile keyword is one of those phrases youre encouraged to send to short code numbers: as in text this code to this number for your chance to win) which means that he or she is asking you to advertise to them.

The upshot is that you are able to send highly personalized and impactful messages to your whole fan club, or client base, or loyalty group: and you know that most of these messages are going to be read. Trumpias research suggests that as much as 90% of SMS marketing messages get read by the recipient, which puts the text message right at the forefront of potentially fruitful advertising investments.

The ROI you get as a result of text message marketing is enough to recommend it on its own. Take a look at some of the other key benefits youll accrue and if you havent been using the service already youll be starting to wonder why.

Trumpias SMS marketing carries a geo targeting facility, which allows you to switch off messaging to all recipients who are away from your local area. This is particularly useful for promotions that are time sensitive in nature, or location sensitive. You direct your marketing message only to those customers who are likely to be able to take advantage of your offer.

Thats a key concept in the mobile marketing world. By only sending advertising to customers likely to want it, you never alienate people by filling up their inbox with offers for stuff they cannot take advantage of.

Trumpias SMS marketing service also allows you to create interactive campaigns, which let your customers feel as though they are genuinely playing or conversing with you. No wonder such a high percentage of read messages result in a sale of some kind. The interactivity of SMS advertising makes people feel comfortable with your company as a provider of great offers, almost as a friend and that makes them loyal, too.

Theres immediacy to the SMS marketing model that you dont get in any other format. With mobile marketing you have the power to send a message at a crucial moment, when your customer is most likely to want to take advantage of whatever it offers. Because people tend to keep their mobile phones with them at all times, you can plan your message sending for maximum impact and hence maximum results.

SMS marketing is quick, versatile and, for the most part, trusted by the end users. Theyve asked you to advertise to them so they dont hate you for spamming and the unique conversational nature of the marketing allows them to engage in a dialogue with you. And we all know the number one rule of sales: once you get someone talking about something, you can make a sale.

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