Three Uses Of Custom Magnets Beyond The Fridge

There is more to save the date custom magnets than their typical use on the fridge door. Although that may be the most common use for personalized magnets nowadays, there are several other ways to use a custom magnet. You can use them for boosting your business, for giving a twist to your personal engagements, and even for contributing to charity work.

Use Custom Magnets to Promote Your Business

Advertising is no longer limited to mass media appeal via television, radio, internet, and print ads. Though these methods are still largely utilized by different companies wanting to promote their products and services, they have other means to do so in which they get more direct contact with their customers. Better yet, they cost less than the aforementioned forms of advertising. This is through advertising specialties: handing out corporate giveaways to present and potential customers.

There are several items used as corporate giveaways – pens, mugs, bags – name it and companies have probably used it for promotion purposes. The most recent addition to the list, one that is growing in popularity, is the customized magnet.

Customized magnets are usually used as refrigerator magnets. If printed with your company logo and other pertinent information, the recipient of the custom magnet, along with other members of the household, will always be reminded of your company every time the refrigerator door and the notes on it are noticed. Custom magnets are also used on vehicles. You can have your ad printed on the magnet that is then mounted on a car. Or, you might want your business card to stand out and use magnets instead of paper.

Use Them for Personal Purposes

Custom magnets are also widely used for several personal purposes. Wedding planners and a host of websites catering to every wedding need offer save the date custom magnets to soon-to-be husbands and wives. Although the save the date tradition is used for wedding events, it is now being used for other occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. So if you have an occasion coming up and are in need of a save the date item, you can use custom magnets.

Another way to use custom magnets is to save and share your photos. You can have your treasured photos printed on your fridge magnet or have someone’s photo on it and give it as a gift.

Help in Charity Work Using Custom Magnets

Lastly, you can help a non-profit group you advocate create awareness in the community about the organization and their projects using custom magnets printed with the organization’s details. During fundraising, you can sell fridge magnets or present them as giveaways to donors.

It is easy to see that with a little imagination and customization, you are not limited to the stereotypical uses of save the date custom magnets.

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