Tips for Preventing Injuries at Your Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Workers Compensation

An auto body shop is an inherently dangerous place, and recent studies indicate that automotive industry workers’ compensation claims are increasing far more rapidly than in other industries. From minor accidents like finger cuts to major ones that lead to chronic back injuries, any number of issues can arise when you’re in the business of fixing cars. The good news is that almost all of these injuries are largely preventable. Utilize these tips to help keep your employees safe and your auto body workers compensation costs low.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are among the most commonly reported injuries at most auto repair shops. Help prevent them from occurring by:

  • Developing eye protection policies, such as wearing goggles with both top and side protection
  • Enforcing those policies at all times

General Cuts and Lacerations

Reduce the likelihood of your employees getting cut on the job by:

  • Providing and enforcing the use of protective gloves
  • Teaching employees to always cut away from their own bodies
  • Properly disposing of any discarded or used blades

Major Back Injuries

Many back and related musculoskeletal injuries can be prevented by:

  • Using lifting aids like jacks rather than employee strength by itself
  • Storing heavy parts where they are easily accessible, such as at shoulder or knee level
  • Teaching your employees to ask for assistance when moving heavy parts and machinery

While not all body shop injuries and accidents are entirely preventable, utilizing the above tips will not only reduce your auto body workers compensation expenditures, but also substantially lessen the likelihood of a major accident occurring at your place of business.


photo credit: mechanic shop and sidewalk (license)