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Cannon Hodge, social media manager for Bergdorf Goodman, posts as many as 30 messages a day, despite her admission on Twitter that “typing is the death of any mani.” With 140-character comments on the weather, style, beauty wisdom and, yes, new merchandise, Ms. Hodge, 28, has helped usher a 110-year-old department store famed for its snooty air and imposing facade into a less-intimidating milieu.

“People really need to know how to tie a turban out of a Hermès scarf,” she said in a telephone interview. “I can tweet that.”

When Fashion Week begins on Thursday, Ms. Hodge will broadcast from the runways, starting with a Twitpic of Linda Fargo, Bergdorf’s fashion director, whose outfit was selected through a contest, promoted on Twitter, that drew 5,368 entries. Below, a few of @bergdorfs posts from last week.

Yikes. Life’s about to get tres busy RT @MBFashionWeek: It’s 2/5 and there are 5 more days til Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts!

Coming from a very short girl, high-waisted wide-leg pants can be quite the secret weapon.

Spotted in the store: a man in a tux and lady in gown. Old school New York has such a romance … They look lovely

Go on, let your accessories steal the show

RT @OscarPRGirl overheard in the studio: “you don’t know where my maharaja jewels book is, do you?”

Weather writers use the funnest words: unleash, fury, colossal, destructive, bitter, threaten. …

Today wearing Love, Chloe — it’s a dusty, buttery, rosy bit of deliciousness. Not too overpowering.

Little apartment tip: boil a tea kettle w a dash of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap. humidifies & helps w sinusitis.

No doubt about it, you will need a hat tomorrow. And scarf. And to-the-elbow gloves. And sunnies (just for glamour’s sake)

The trees kind of look like they’re covered in diamonds. And they remind me of Robert Frost.

When it comes to shirts, you can never have enough white oxfords, gray tees or striped mariners.

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