USA Residents Now Eligible for QROPS

April 29, 2011

To the delight of many residents of the United States, USA residents are now eligible for QROPS. QROPS are overseas pensions that have the ability to provide retirement planning and more. QROPS are available to UK taxpayers who intend to or have already moved outside of the United Kingdom or international workers who have returned to their home in another country, including the United States.

To those who are not sure what QROPS are and if it is something that they should be excited about or eligible for, QROPS is a simple way of referring to Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme. The QROPS were first introduced in April of 2006 as a part of a new legislation that was created to make pensions simple.

The term qualifying means that the scheme meets the HM Revenue and Customs QROPS rules. Recognized means that the scheme is regulated by tax authorities in the country where the QROPS will be opened. Overseas means that the QROPS is a scheme that is not based in the UK. Pension scheme refers to the scheme that gives benefits to someone in the event of their death, retirement, coming of age, or serious illness. The pension need not offer benefits in the event of all of these events; it just needs to offer benefits in one or more of these instances.

The announcement and eligibility of United States residents to take advantage of the QROPS USA opportunity is music to many residents in the US. The reason is that many qualify for QROPS and when they transfer a pension to the QROPS they can take advantage of tax effective and flexible investment options that will allow a pension fund a broad scope of currencies, commodities, and markets that are not open to a UK pension investor.

With QROPS now available for USA residents, people can transfer their pension to a QROPS at any time. The QROPS can be transferred so long as the fund has not been used to buy an annuity any time in the past. With this announcement that USA Residents can take advantage of this option, Malta becoming one of the more popular QROPS is not a surprise. QROPS Malta is just one of many options that residents of the United States should consider.

Now is the time to make the change or at least consider A QROPS Malta option. With the tax advantages and the ability to take advantage of new investment options, the QROPS is a great option for most. While it is not one size fits all, those who want to take control of their pension plan to make the most of it, should certainly visit the USA QROPS site to inquire further to determine if a QROPS Malta option is right for their investment and pension needs.


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