Various Coverages in Business Owner Policies

Carmel business owners policy coverages are designed to protect businesses from the most common risks they face in the course of operation. Understanding the particulars of these coverages can help you determine whether or not this policy is right for your company.

Also known as a BOP, this type of insurance policy covers legal responsibility for claims as a result of bodily injury or property damage caused by the business’ employees or owner. It also protects the property and buildings where you conduct business and their contents. This includes personal property on the premises during business hours and the equipment used. Business interruption coverage protects from the risk of lost income if you are forced to close due to a natural disaster, fire or similar event beyond your control.

There are additional protections that can be added for more specific risks. If your industry has more extensive exposure to risk related to crime, you can add an enhancement to your policy. Likewise, if there is special equipment to insure against breakdown, that’s another specialty item that can be added.

As a business owner, you can rest assured that you’re adequately protected when you take out the necessary insurance. Carmel business owners policy coverages are designed to protect you from the most common risks your business is exposed to, and they can be tailored specifically to include additional risks that may be particular to your industry.