What Coverage to Expect From a Comprehensive BOP

Every business owner should have a standard business owners’ policy in place to protect them against typical business exposures such as theft, vandalism, property damage and other losses. Unfortunately, despite everything you may do to prevent them, accidents do happen, and they can end up costing your company millions. To safeguard your business, your employees and your customers alike from unforeseen risks, invest in a business owners’ policy in Carmel.

While most insurance agencies offer a standard business owners’ policy, your company may benefit from a BOP with customizable options. In addition to property insurance for personal property, contents and your building, you can tack on Business Interruption Insurance to cover any losses accrued while your operation is shut down during a building remodel or while repairs are being made. This type of coverage covers ongoing expenses such as utility bills, payroll, product development and more. Additionally, a comprehensive business owners’ policy should include coverage for equipment breakdown, property crime, professional liability, employment practices liability and workers’ compensation.

As a business owner, you may do everything in your power to safeguard your business from standard risks, but unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. The only way to truly protect your business and its assets is with a comprehensive insurance policy. A comprehensive business owners’ policy in Carmel can offer the protect your business needs to recover financially in the aftermath of a costly incident.