What’s The First Impression of Your Business Card

It has often been said that business cards make a strong first impression when exchanged in a business setting. Whether that impression is a positive or negative is up to the person that the card represents. Color, quality, durability, design and overall appeal are all factors in your business cards first impression.

As business markets continue to grow and professionals try to distinguish themselves from one another, it is important for people to get an edge in their industry and to market themselves to future employers or fellow colleagues as best they can. The use of unique and creative business card printing is one way to do this.

One thing that many people do not think about when they are planning out their business card is the shape of the card. While quality, design and color are always at the top of list of things to consider when creating a business card, the shape can also stand out or make an impression. Different shaped and sized business cards make different impressions.

Regular- Regular business cards are standard size and quite plain. While a normal 2×3.5 card may not stand out in the crowd or look different from the next business card, this style is classic and professional. This business card won’t necessarily “wow” your business associates, but it won’t make a bad first impression either. Many people prefer a standard size business card because it fits in card holders, wallets, rolodexes and anything else that was made for a normal size card.

Square- Square business cards are definitely the trendiest card right now. Slightly smaller than the regular size, at 2.5×2.5, square business cards are unique and different. These size business cards give off a fun and creative first impression, showing that the person the card belongs to is willing to try new styles to stand out in the crowd.

Folded- Folded business cards are also a classic style and are still very popular today. Folded business cards allow designers to put a little extra information on the card without cramming it all into one small space. People who opt for folded business cards often have a lot to say or are very detailed, giving the impression that they are detail-oriented and want to keep everyone well informed.

Specialty Die Cut- While specialty die cut business cards are definitely different and unique, they are the most expensive type of paper business card. The cost of the die alone is more than the business cards in most cases. These cards will give off the impression that a company is willing to spend a little extra money to have a business card that is truly unique to only them. They also prove that the designer is able to think outside the box to come up with a concept that is distinctive to a certain business.

High quality business card printing will help sell your company’s products and services and deliver a powerful message. for more information on business cards Please visit our site.

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