Where Superheroes Get Their Capes

Neighborhood Joint

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What’s your neighborhood joint?

Attention, New York superheroes: Hunting for a particle gun? How about a thunder inducer, or a replacement for that worn-out grappling hook?

No need to duck down some Lower East Side back alley or into a secret lab tucked inside the Statue of Liberty. Simply head to Park Slope and its stroller-lined Fifth Avenue, where the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company can accessorize anyone — professional crusader or mild-mannered reporter — for combat with Gotham’s worst villains.

In the weeks before Halloween, the store’s aisles have been thick with heroes seeking capes, costumes, masks and more. Here was Soccer Mom (in her daytime identity as Christi Balderacchi), picking up T-shirts for her sidekicks back at home base. Over there lurked Comic Book Nerd, browsing the shelves for immortality, sold in shiny gallon paint cans (“Expiration Date: Never”). Euro-Tourist stocked up on containers of anti-matter that he hoped to sneak through airport security on his way home.

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