Winter’s Ache May Soon Be a Memory

And now, the weather for March, April and May. Watchword: normal.

The rest of March in New York City and environs will be perhaps half a degree above normal.

Things will cool down toward the end of the month, and April will be half a degree to a degree below normal.

May will be normal, temperature-wise, or slightly above.

This forecast comes courtesy of AccuWeather, which released its long-range outlooks today.

Last spring was freakishly hot, Paul Pastelok, head of AccuWeather’s long-range forecasting department, reminded us, with temperatures nearly five degrees above normal and a 92-degree day on April 7.

“I think we’re looking at a different spring this year,” Mr. Pastelok said. Temperatures will fluctuate, of course, but within reason. “I think it’s kind of a back-and-forth pattern that we’re in where we get mild surges and then we get some cool-downs,” he said. “But they don’t last too long.”

Precipitation, too, should be just about normal.

As for the prospect of more snow, Mr. Pastelok said there might be some north and west of the city in early April and that there could be “one more close call for the city.”

Bring on the daffodils.

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