Three Dead in Suspicious Bronx Fire

A man, a woman and a child were all killed in suspicious fire that erupted on Wednesday morning inside an apartment in a six-story brick building in the Bronx, a Fire Department spokesman said.

The fire broke out at about 7:50 a.m. in the building at 2275 Morris Avenue, off E. 183rd Street in Fordham Heights, said the spokesman, James Long.

He said that the “cause and origin” of the fire was under investigation by Fire Department marshals and by investigators from the New York Police Department. The names, ages and relationships of all three victims were still being determined.

Three civilians suffered injuries in the blaze, and were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, officials said. No firefighters suffered any serious injuries.

A dozen units and 60 firefighters, from engines 75 and 48, and ladders 33 and 56, responded to the blaze, which broke out inside apartment 4E, on the fifth floor of the building. It was not clear what room had first ignited. The firefighters snuffed it quickly.

“I would say it was a fast moving fire,” said Mr. Long. “It was under control within 40 minutes.”

Investigators were poring through the charred wreckage left behind. It was not immediately clear if an accelerant had been used to help spread the flames, such as gasoline or kerosene. But city officials said that the blaze appeared to have the hallmarks of criminality and investigators were trying to determine if at least one victim had suffered stab wounds — though officials stressed that injuries to people in fires can often be deceiving in the early moments after such events.

“Initially, that looks possible,” said one official. “But that’s to be determined.”

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Gay Group Joins Fight Against Wal-Mart

As Wal-Mart strives to open its first store in New York City, it has attracted a long list of opponents, from elected officials to labor leaders to small business people.

On Wednesday, another group took up the cause: a prominent gay rights group.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, a political action committee based in Washington, said Wal-Mart had a poor record when it came to gay employees.

“With the expansion of Wal-Mart stores comes the expansion of antiquated employment policies,” the task force said in a statement, “that provide little to no protections for, and at times even hostility toward, their L.G.B.T. employees.” Continue reading “Gay Group Joins Fight Against Wal-Mart”

A Cuomo Aide Criticizes a Former Cuomo Aide

A spokesman for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo attacked a former Cuomo aide and a government watchdog advocate on Tuesday, calling him “a mouthpiece for the trial lawyers” after he criticized a proposal backed by Mr. Cuomo to cap awards in medical malpractice lawsuits.

The spokesman, Josh Vlasto, made his comment about the former aide, Blair Horner, in a Newsday article [paid subscription required] in which Mr. Horner accused the governor of cutting a “naked political deal” with hospital interests.

Mr. Horner, the legislative director for the New York Public Interest Research Group, was criticizing a package of Medicaid cuts that hospitals and other health care interests agreed to last Thursday. As part of the deal, New York hospitals accepted significant cuts in Medicaid spending but in return won the new restrictions on medical lawsuits, which will save them hundreds of millions of dollars a year in premium payments. (All parts of the deal require approval by the Legislature.)

NYPIRG, which lobbies on patients’ and consumers’ rights issues, among others, opposes the restrictions, sharing a position held by the state bar association and groups representing trial lawyers.

The exchange was unusual in part because Mr. Horner, who is known in Albany for taking a hard and public line on ethics matters, worked briefly for the governor when Mr. Cuomo was attorney general, helping design an online database known as Project Sunlight that tracks campaign contributions, lobbyist activity and state contracting. In announcing Mr. Horner’s hiring at a news conference in 2007, Mr. Cuomo praised him as “the paragon of the principles of public integrity.”

But Mr. Horner, who returned to NYPIRG in 2008, has not shied away from criticizing his former boss. During the political campaign for governor last year, Mr. Horner questioned Mr. Cuomo’s ties to lobbyists. More recently, he suggested that lawmakers examine whether ethics disclosure requirements for state officials should include financial disclosure by co-habitating partners, like Mr. Cuomo’s companion, Sandra Lee, as the rules already do for spouses.

Last week, Mr. Horner and NYPIRG asked the state ethics commission to investigate whether a close Cuomo friend, Jeffrey A. Sachs, had broken state law by failing to register as a lobbyist after calling state officials on behalf of private clients.

NYPIRG has in years past found common cause with trial lawyer groups on liability issues and critics have suggested that the group takes money from trial lawyers. But when pressed Tuesday for the basis for his criticism, Mr. Vlasto declined to elaborate beyond a statement.

“Governor Cuomo respects NYPIRG and supports many of the government reforms the organization advocates for,” Mr. Vlasto said. “In this case, however, Mr. Horner was clearly espousing the well-known position of the trial lawyers.”

In an interview, Mr. Horner said NYPIRG was financed by a mix of large foundation grants and door-to-door canvassing that raises about half a million dollars a year, mostly in small donations. The group is not required by law to disclose its donors and Mr. Horner did not volunteer to do so.

“We have a canvass that goes door to door,” Mr. Horner said. “Forty-five thousand people donate an average of 100 bucks each. The big donations are all from foundations. The foundations publicly report the donations they give to NYPIRG, so those donations are public.”

He said NYPIRG generally opposed limiting the amount of money injured patients can receive in malpractice and other lawsuits.

“Our view is, you reduce the injuries, you reduce the lawsuits,” Mr. Horner said.

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Funny Stickers – Easiest Approach to Attract More and Make Fun

Trying to decide what to put on your bumper? Make people laugh with funny bumper stickers. Let your vehicles be a source of making fun. Put your funny and inspirational quotes on your bumpers, print these stunning lines on bumper stickers and let them go to move into the market just to make people happy. Share your thoughts, make fun, and enjoy more by displaying your funny things on your bumpers, make funny bumper stickers to attract more towards you. When they come to the operation, the beauty of funny stickers is that they may operate in any situation with their imaginative and attractive behavior.

Funny stickers are very attractive thing especially for little ones. They enjoy and love to read and see on funny stickers, funny bumper stickers and wall stickers take very important and significant place for making fun and sharing funny thoughts. Choosing the best design for printing a funny sticker is more important thing than the fun that you made to. Sticker printing can do wonders for your business even not affecting your promotional budget. Now you dont need to think any more and need to be worried about the designing or printing services!

As you know very well, stickers can be used on a large variety of products or services even it can be used to promote a public event, describe your product message, spread your mission statement, share your thoughts with bumper stickers and car stickers. But with little funny quotes they become very great promotional thing just to grab the attention a keep alive in the minds. You can achieve your marketing goals very quickly and within your required time frame with promotional stickers. Add more value to your product advertisement with fun.

The possibilities really are endless when you consider the many ways that funny stickers can bring your company, product, business, organization, events, or music group well-known. You can use these simple custom stickers to let people know about upcoming events. Professional printers and designers are everywhere offering a wide range of full color and customized sticker printing services which includes bumper stickers, car stickers, rectangular stickers, round stickers, static stickers, die cut stickers and custom stickers etc. you may get printed stickers as per your demand.

Full color stickers are one of the more intricate but effective forms of advertising for reasons. Its really good thing to get high scaled advertising advantages by spending very little on printing custom stickers. Mega print shops have option to print all type of printing solutions, more choice for printing colors; great option for printing deigns and sizes are available at printinghost and can add more to your printing jobs with additional printing expertise. With a little attention for printing and designing your company related customized stickers you can take very effective step for your business promotion.

Custom stickers printed by printinghost actively work for your product advertisement in the market. Now you dont need to think any more and need to be worried about the designing or printing services! Just place your design for printing any type of stickers and get printed an exceptional thing.

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DVR Safety Digital camera Systems

Protection is one particular of the significant concerns in today’s lifestyle. A DVR (Digital video clip recorder) security digital camera system is used to provide protection. A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that accepts analog signals from a security camera, converts it into digital format, and stores it on a challenging drive (or on some other media). DVR also has a person interface to control the captured videos. A DVR program also enables you to do setting of movement detection feature and controlling of PTZ protection cameras. A DVR unit utilized for security goal is called as DVR security technique.

A DVR protection technique information the video indicators transmitted by a CCTV digital camera. These signals are then utilised for documentation and detection methods. DVR safety cameras transmit digital signals to a challenging drive or a DVR protection camera recorder. DVR safety cameras have numerous features such as movement detection, night time vision, remote accessibility, ease of use, but the most essential one is easy navigation. This characteristic allows you to leap to any video clip without rewinding or forwarding. Earlier security cameras utilized to transmit analog signals to a video clip tape recorder (VCR). Digital recording and storage absolutely has benefits about analog signals.

A DVR protection digital camera system has following advantages:

In DVR security camera techniques, recording top quality is superb. The photographs captured are very sharp and clear.

Recording can be carried out on a difficult disk so no want to purchase and change the tape frequently as difficult disk can shop much a lot more data in comparison to a tape.

Automated recording

Very low or nearly no upkeep is necessary.

You can report the data on a DVD, which can be erased whenever you want.

Permits simple search of the video clip based on time, eventor date.

With all the above pointed out benefits, a Safety DVR program has some draw backs also. The draw backs are:

Due to large compression charge, digital video clip occupies lot of room on the difficult disk and hence the tough disk is simply stuffed up. There are couple of DVR safety cameras techniques, which uses motion detection function to solve this problem to an extent. Movement detectors alert the camera for deciding the compression price of the picture (that is when a photograph with high compression is needed and when with low compression).

The other disadvantage with DVR systems is picture distortion. Picture distortion takes place, if the camera adjustment is not completed correctly at the time of set up.

Output of DVR security camera systems can be a dilemma. Diverse DVR safety cameras might demand distinct software program to view the file. Some DVR safety cameras call for codec installation to view the files. SomeDVR cameras need a media player which is supported by that DVR security digital camera method. In some situations, DVR security camera program has its individual media player and solves this dilemma.

DVR safety camera methods are most recent in surveillance engineering. These cameras present very good quality pictures and videos. DVR security cameras are charge-effective. So if you are worried about the safety of your family members or business and want to safeguard your family members then go for a DVR protection camera program.

Toronto Security Camera

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