No Charges for Officers in Harlem Shooting

A special grand jury in Manhattan has declined to bring charges against four police officers who were involved in a fatal shooting and fired a total of 46 rounds while trying to break up a fight at a block party, according to a union that represents police officers.

The grand jury’s decision on Friday not to indict the officers came just two days after it declined to indict the man at the center of the chaotic scene last summer in Harlem.

“It is reassuring to see that this grand jury based its decision on the facts of the case and not on fiction from the streets,” said Patrick J. Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. “If we are to do our work effectively, police officers must be reassured that any judgment of their actions will be made on a full and thorough review of facts and nothing more.”

On Wednesday, the grand jury decided not to charge Angel Alvarez, the 24-year-old man who was arrested last August during a confrontation in which another man was killed.

Mr. Alvarez had gotten into a fight with another man, Luis Soto, who Mr. Alvarez said had shot at him.

The police had accused Mr. Alvarez of shooting at them as they converged on the fight. In a frantic span of about 10 seconds, with about 500 people swarming the block, four officers fired, and Mr. Alvarez received 23 gunshot wounds.

Mr. Soto was killed, and ballistic tests indicated that the fatal bullet was probably fired by the police.

Mr. Alvarez said that he was left with “27 holes,” and his lawyers said that four bullets were still lodged in his body. The lawyers said on Thursday that their client was planning to sue the Police Department.

The four officers involved in the shooting were Sgt. Paul Kerrigan, Officer Michael Tedeschi, Officer Thomas Cozart and Officer Douglas Brightman.

In a preliminary hearing in August, another officer, Sgt. Philip Terpos, who arrived on the scene, described his conversation with Officer Brightman.

Sergeant Kerrigan testified that he was in a police van on Lenox Avenue between 143rd and 144th Streets when he heard gunfire.

About 30 seconds after the shooting stopped, Sergeant Terpos said, he approached Officer Brightman, who had fired shots and had his gun trained on Mr. Alvarez as he lay on the ground.

Sergeant Terpos asked Officer Brightman whether Mr. Alvarez had a gun and whether Mr. Alvarez had been shooting the gun.

Sergeant Terpos said that Officer Brightman responded that Mr. Alvarez did have a gun and that Officer Brightman said: “Yes, he shot at me.”

The last grand jury indictment of a police officer in Manhattan happened in 2004. It involved Bryan Conroy, an undercover officer who shot and killed an unarmed African immigrant named Ousmane Zongo during a raid in a Chelsea warehouse in May 2003. Officer Conroy was indicted on second-degree manslaughter charges.

But a trial jury deadlocked, and in 2005 a judge sentenced Officer Conroy to probation on the lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide, a felony.

In a more recent well-known case, a grand jury indicted three police officers on various charges in the shooting of Sean Bell, who was shot to death in Queens during an encounter with the police the night before his wedding.

On April 25, 2008, Justice Arthur J. Cooperman, who heard the case alone after the detectives waived their right to a jury, acquitted all three men of all the charges against them.

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Tweeters Ask Mayor About Magnets, Etc. Mayor Answers.

If you could ask Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a question, anything at all, what would it be? Would it be about traffic or budget cuts? Crime? Layoffs? Maybe you’d go for an old standby: What’s it like to be so rich?

Or perhaps you’ve been wondering about the physics behind magnets.

This week, via Twitter, New Yorkers asked. And Friday morning, the mayor answered.

In advance of Mr. Bloomberg’s weekly radio program, broadcast every Friday morning on WOR-AM (710), Mr. Bloomberg’s office solicited questions on Twitter on Thursday, to be sent with the hashtag #AskMike.

One Twitter user, NickGreene, an intern for the Runnin’ Scared blog at The Village Voice, threw several hardballs: “If you could speak any language, what would it be? (Note: Fantasy/Sci-Fi realm is allowed, so Na’Vi and Klingon are in play).” Also: “Munsters or Adams Family?” (spelling it Adams, not Addams). And, more pressingly, “Do you keep all your old grocery bags, but then are all, ‘I got a drawer full of grocery bags, now what?’ ”

A few people asked the mayor if he planned to run for president. John Gambling, the host of the radio program, favored a question about magnets, originally posed in 2009 by the rappers in Insane Clown Posse, that has gained considerable purchase on the Internet. “How do they work?” it read in part.

But among the four dozen or so questions that arrived by showtime, quite a few did stay on the topic of civics.

“What can be done to make housing in New York more affordable?” one person asked.

“When are you gonna make Brooklyn bike-able again?” wondered another, perhaps a tad aggressively.

“Hey, @MikeBloomberg,” CoskertheGrouch chimed in. “Why are you working so hard to transform #NYC into” Disneyland, he said, throwing in another word for emphasis. “Why can’t I smoke outside?”

Friday morning, the mayor had time to respond to only a few Tweeters. He fielded a question about Police Academy class size: “Class size for proposed N.Y.P.D. academy schedule for April, approximately 200 cops,” he said.

Concerning affordable housing: “We had promised to create more affordable housing in the city, we promised 165,000 units either rehabbed or new by the year 2014. As of today, we have preserved or created 111,279 units across the five boroughs, so we are more than two-thirds of the way.”

Then he addressed the question of magnets.

“As you probably know,” Mr. Bloomberg said, noting that he had studied electrical engineering, “everything is made up of atoms and atoms have electrons, usually in pairs, orbiting around them. And they create mini magnetic fields. But the two electrons spin in orbit as pairs, spin in opposite directions so they cancel out each other. But magnetic materials aren’t in pairs, so the spins don’t cancel out each other, and if there’s enough of them it creates a magnetic field.

“Is there anything else you wanted to know?”

“My goodness gracious,” Mr. Gambling said. “Let’s go to the telephones.”

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Knowing the Types and Shapes of Artist Brushes

Every painter requires the right set of artist brushes to paint different types of canvas. Paint brushes are available in different sizes, materials and types. Choosing the appropriate paint brush is quiet significant in creating beautiful and lively paintings. Many renowned artists are known to select the best paint brushes made from the exquisite hair of animals.

The correct and appropriate paint brush is usually chosen on the basis of three factors mainly the ability of the brush to hold the paint, the ability to make a single point and the relative elasticity of the paint brush. There are many varieties of artist brushes available today and it is easy to differentiate and identify them, provided you know your paint brushes well enough.

Various Shapes in Artist Brushes

An artist requires quite a number of brushes of different shapes and sizes to meet various requirements. The most common shapes of artist brushes include round, filberts, mops, liners, fans and flats. Each brush has its unique features and is used for specific purposes.

The flat paint brush is usually used for filling areas with broad strokes. The round brushes are more commonly used by beginners though it is one of the most versatile artist brushes. For the purpose of blending colors, the filbert paint brush is more commonly and widely used.

Understanding the Materials Used for Artist Brushes

Artist brushes are usually made of either natural or synthetic hair. The paint brushes which are made of the natural hair of animals are known as natural brushes and it is quite expensive. Among the natural brushes, a painter can find a huge variety and can choose accordingly.

Some of the most popular and expensive natural brushes include Squirrel hair, the Kolinsky Sable, Bristles and the Pure Red Sable. The bristles of these paint brushes are made of the hair of animals such as squirrels, horse, goat and sable.

Among the most popular and expensive artist brushes include the Kolinsky Sable paint brushes which are made from the hair of sable. It is one of the softest paint brushes with long beautiful tips. It is suitable for water color paints and is available in different mediums.

Another variety of natural paint brush includes the squirrel hair which is very absorbent and soft. It can be used in water colors, tempera and so forth. It has the ability to hold a huge amount of paint.

The Pure Red Sable is another type of natural paint brush which is soft and suitable for all types of paints. It requires proper care and should be maintained in order to ensure best results.

The synthetic paint brushes are less expensive but there are many varieties that prove to be as unique as the natural hair brushes. Most of these artist brushes are imbibed with the same qualities of the natural hair brushes but it can be bought at a lesser price. The two common varieties include the white synthetic and the orange synthetic brushes. There are many online stores that offer a variety of paint brushes at affordable rates.

Anamika Swami has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on Artist brushes which are of great demand in B2B space.You can find more free information about Products Directory at

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Toll Free Phone Number Benefits For Your Home Based Business

Commencing a dwelling primarily based business is a journey of quite a few troublesome measures. Soon after defining the company’s target audience and what items or services to offer you, the up coming activity is creating the corporation – establishing name recognition, a status and customer loyalty. Using the capabilities of an established toll totally free, or 800, cellphone range can assist a residence centered organization in doing all these items and additional.

Cara Telpon Gratis

As is the scenario with most start out-up business enterprise ventures, producing a beneficial to start with impression is paramount when connecting with the consumer base. Sad to say, one particular of the biggest hurdles that property based organizations deal with is that they lack a physical storefront. A tangible storefront supplies actually-crucial validity to a business’s track record. Obtaining a toll cost-free cellphone selection can enable produce a virtual storefront for any property based company.

Numerous buyers see organizations that have an available telephone quantity as a legit establishment. In truth, according to promotion study surveys, enterprises that have toll free numbers are 30 percent additional probable to acquire product or service orders or purchaser calls than people corporations that promote with out this sort of a range. So, even nevertheless the buyer may perhaps not be ready to walk by the organization and visually see items or employees, they can even now get in touch with a quantity and know they will get an solution and good customer service.

Peluang Investasi Terbaru

Additionally, a toll absolutely free cell phone amount presents a organization the capacity to offer products and products and services outdoors the business’s community region. For a buyer, this usually means unrestricted and unrestricted access to the business and what it has to give. For the small business by itself, it indicates no limit on development. Due to the fact the home business isn’t physically nailed down to 1 region, the enterprise gets to be portable. This flexibility is notably crucial due to the fact if for some explanation the residence centered company owner moves to a new house, the established connection to clients stays intact.

From a promoting point of view, staying ready to deliver a toll absolutely free phone quantity in promotional material presents the opportune chance of creating a household business’s brand and popularity. Without having appearing coercive, using a toll free cellphone number on business literature draws focus to the business’s credibility. This can be even even more efficient if the business enterprise proprietor chooses to incorporate a vanity amount – a toll no cost telephone range whose last 7 digits spell out the home business title or the solution the business sells.

This type of range tends to make it effortless for the client to don’t forget how to achieve an establishment with inquiries or orders. Also, the product or brand is perpetually promoted when the amount is brought up with no any further advertising cost. Though surveys point out the effectiveness of straightforward toll no cost cellular phone figures, they also recommend that ads bearing vanity telephone numbers are 14 occasions even more most likely to obtain a consumer response than if they have a toll totally free number on your own. This sort of amount can put property based enterprises on the similar marketing level as individuals organizations with a physical storefront.

Prospective prospects also react nicely to 800 numbers because they know this strategy of business enterprise communication will price tag them nothing at all. For illustration, if a organization fees for mobile phone consultations or providers, consumers will be unlikely to take advantage of their presents. Having said that, delivering a toll no cost cellular phone selection suggests to potential customers that a enterprise retains buyer services above the mighty dollar. This develops customer rely on, in the long run resulting in profitable, prolonged-term client relationships.

These relationships make toll free cell phone figures a very good possibility to tout good client service – one thing that more compact residence based corporations can give greater than massive businesses with 1000’s of employees. If a buyer has issues or worries about the product or service or company, that particular person will be additional very likely to contact if they know they are heading to get an solution, not a long listing of automated responses.

Unfortunately, several property primarily based organization proprietors are beneath the assumption that their compact budgets won’t find the money for a toll cost-free cellphone selection. On the other hand, the telecommunications business is rather competitive. As a outcome, toll totally free mobile phone numbers aren’t as high priced as most assume. There are a quantity of on the web companies that supply regular monthly company that involves minutes and call forwarding. Most ideas also enable for growth so a property centered small business can start out off compact and upgrade their method as they expand.

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Nocturnalist | Art on Subtle Display

At a host of after-parties for New York City’s art fairs on Thursday night, art was oddly absent — at first glance.

There were no canvases on the walls at Fonda Nolita, an industrial taco joint in SoHo where Anonymous Gallery was hosting a dinner. At the art collective 3rd Ward’s party underneath the crumbling eaves of the Angel Orensanz Foundation’s building, a former synagogue in a chic state of dereliction, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sculpture (though Duchamp might say check the men’s room), and at the Armory’s shindig at the Ace Hotel, the only statuesque things were the models.

Perhaps, after a week spent ogling thousands of piece d’arts at places like the Armory and Scope art shows, the guests were over art-ed. At 3rdWard, Justin Bieber played; at Ace, a couple discussed Lady Gaga — in each case, the celebrity being a standard-bearer of low culture. Endless days of highbrow, and now, brow-fatigue?

But tucking into a taco at Fonda Nolita, guests needed only to blot away the crema to reveal that their pico de gallo was in fact served with a side of art — the 40 plates at the banquet were hand-painted by Maya Hayuk, a muralist whom the dinner feted. In a corner, guests learned how to concoct cocktails with Kanon Organic Vodka, pouring Klee-colored cordials into the mix. “Mexican food is probably the closest thing to paint you can eat,” Ms. Hayuk said of the colorful smears. “You can’t eat paint,” she said. “If I could, I would.”

Up on a balcony in the paint-peeled synagogue around 8:30 p.m., Seanna Sharpe, 23, clambered almost unnoticed onto a hammock of white bolts of cloth — until she began to swing. The lithe aerialist flung her body from pose to pose over the dance floor, ensnared in the silk before slack-jawed art lovers, into a hundred poses, her body as contorted as a Picasso. “It’s not about the medium, what we look for in art is the same thing — that thing that transports us,” she says. “When I fly, people forget everything; they forget about what’s possible and what’s impossible.”

At the Ace Hotel at 9:45 p.m., a sign on the door said that the art was out of order, literally. “I thought there’d be art here,” a guest said plaintively, craning his neck. He should have looked down. Crushed under a hundred Manolo heels were stickers that read “we are all imperfect,” and in a corner an artist named Manuela Paz surreptitiously pressed heart-shaped stamps onto the backs of the hands of passers-by. The recipients were unaware that the stamp was a replica of the tattoo on her own hand that commemorated a breakup, one year ago to the day. “It’s my art intervention,” she said. “No one knows.”

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Complaint Box | Me First!

P. C. Vey

Complaint Box
Got a Gripe?

Get a grip. Send your rant — no more than 500 words, please — to: [email protected].

I have this theory to explain why Woody Allen doesn’t make movies in Manhattan anymore: He decided that New Yorkers had crossed the line.

Take the woman at the Fairway bakery counter, the one holding the bread to be sliced. I’m waiting my turn, and she steps right up and hands over her loaf.

Me: “Didn’t you see me standing here?”

Woman With Bread: “I was here first.”

She accurately reads dubiousness on my face.

WWB: “I didn’t see you.”

Me: Still dubious.

WWB: “I’m very sorry. I’m too much in my head to pay attention.” She reluctantly backs off.

Me: “That’s all right.”

I felt I had to say it was all right. But of course, it wasn’t. The line used to be absolute. But now, it’s … porous. These people must be kept in line. Specifically, at the end of it.

Other recent examples:

At the library: “I was already here. They couldn’t find my book because someone put it back on the shelf.”

At the bank: “I was already here. I had to take my child to the bathroom.”

Soon it will be: “I was already here. I just had to grab a Shake Shack burger, renew my driver’s license and hop the ferry to Liberty Island and back.”

There’s a reason every line has an end. It’s there because that’s where you go when more than one person wants the same service at the same time. If you have to leave the line, and then you want to come back, it’s the end of the line for you.

The people who don’t get it, either because they’re thoughtless, distracted or just plain rude, give me two choices. I can let it go because life’s too short, and then I’m a sap. Or I can call them on it, and then I’m Larry David, standing my ground in a losing battle for a lost cause.

There are a few exceptions. If the clerk at the post office — excuse me, when the clerk — has told you to fill out the wrong form, he or she grants you dispensation to come right back up to the window when — excuse me, if — you find the right form. I think that’s a valid opportunity to return to the front of the line with your head held high.

Or if you’re in a supermarket and you forget an item, running back to get it is allowed. One item.

I can’t leave this topic without rapping the knuckles of the third person in every line-breaking equation — the enabler clerk. On the other hand, there should be a special place in heaven for the rare person of authority in this situation who knows that fair is fair. When this angel stands up for justice and says, “Excuse me, sir, there’s a line,” you can almost hear the harps playing from on high.

Allen Mogol is a freelance writer who lives on the Upper West Side.

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Winter’s Ache May Soon Be a Memory

And now, the weather for March, April and May. Watchword: normal.

The rest of March in New York City and environs will be perhaps half a degree above normal.

Things will cool down toward the end of the month, and April will be half a degree to a degree below normal.

May will be normal, temperature-wise, or slightly above.

This forecast comes courtesy of AccuWeather, which released its long-range outlooks today.

Last spring was freakishly hot, Paul Pastelok, head of AccuWeather’s long-range forecasting department, reminded us, with temperatures nearly five degrees above normal and a 92-degree day on April 7.

“I think we’re looking at a different spring this year,” Mr. Pastelok said. Temperatures will fluctuate, of course, but within reason. “I think it’s kind of a back-and-forth pattern that we’re in where we get mild surges and then we get some cool-downs,” he said. “But they don’t last too long.”

Precipitation, too, should be just about normal.

As for the prospect of more snow, Mr. Pastelok said there might be some north and west of the city in early April and that there could be “one more close call for the city.”

Bring on the daffodils.

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Fish People With Heart. Noses Agree.

Neighborhood Joint

A series of articles profiling favorite local haunts.
What’s your neighborhood joint?

ONE of the first things you notice when walking into Fish Tales Gourmet Seafood Market is the smell. There is none. But the fish motif is definitely in the air, including walls strung with nets and traps and a whole fish mounted above the stained wainscot. The shotgun layout feels like the well-lighted hull of boat.

The bustling shop, near Court and Bergen Streets, in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, leads to a pescatarian’s paradise, catering to home chefs and local restaurants. Between a tank with live lobsters and a freezer with frozen shellfish are racks stacked with sauces, seasonings, crackers, batters and peelers. Side-by-side coolers layered with house-prepared appetizers and salads sit opposite an assortment of smoked fish and caviar.

A table piled with curled crustaceans is nearby. The corner spot, which fronts the busy but unseen kitchen, is a mountain of ice piled with clusters of sealed mussel and clam shells. And at the far end of the store are gourmet entrees and crocks of soups and chowders.

But the highlight of Fish Tales are the colorful, fresh-cut fillets and whole fish — orange salmon, ruby tuna, china cod, opaque tilapia, striped bass, red snapper, speckled trout. The fish is so fresh and tenderly treated, it provides pleasure to the eyes with no impression on the nose.

Read the full article.

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Hot Water Installation Systems Need Appropriate And Regular Servicing

Plumbing services are not restricted to just drain cleaning or sewer pipe repairs. Professional sewer drain cleaning agencies take on other responsibilities as well. One example is hot water installation services, where they act as a one-stop shop for the customer. They provide consultation, installation and service thereafter to ensure that there are no problems in the future. Such agencies not only make use of the best of equipment but also have licensed plumbers who are qualified and experienced enough to deal with any exigency.

If you are a resident of Sydney and wish to obtain toilet repair services or routine sewer pipe repair services, you can rely on the professional competencies of the Sydney plumbers that most of the top plumbing services employ due to the 100% guarantee they are willing to offer. Most of them also offer emergency plumbers should anything go wrong all of a sudden.

Considering that there is a whole host of hot water installation systems available in the market, it is possible that you can easily get confused on which one to go for. That is why it is essential to contact the right agency so that you can outsource the entire activity and rest assured that they would do a good job. These agencies regularly install heat pumps, , electric storage as well as gas storage systems. They are aware of the different attributes of each of these systems and would therefore be the ideal people to tell you what would suit your family the best.

There are thus many advantages when you deal with professional plumbing services and you should not be grudging the fact that they tend to charge more than the normal one-man show outfits.

Contact for all your drain cleaning, plumbing services and hot water installation needs.

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