To Burgle in Brooklyn Heights, No Heavy Equipment Needed

Brooklyn Heights, the brownstone and red-brick bastion of families new and old, has seen a crime spree of sorts: four burglaries in the past five days. But none of the burglaries came from a forced entry, a broken window. Instead, the burglars simply let themselves in through windows, or doors that residents, perhaps overly confident, had left open.

Police officers from the 84th Precinct alerted the executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association about the burglaries, and the director, Judy Stanton, sent out an e-mail to 1,200 neighbors on Thursday morning. “This neighborhood is so safe, but not everybody puts on their city smarts and remembers to do the common sense thing and lock their doors,” she said. Not everybody thought they had to -– until Thursday.

“Oh no, we don’t lock our doors often,” said Allen Tobias, 67, who has lived in Brooklyn Heights since 1984. “You get used to a certain level of comfort and you don’t go back too easily. But I locked my door today. The burglaries were right around the corner.”

According to the police, two burglaries happened in a building on Willow Street on Wednesday when the residents were at work, and both times the entry point was a fire escape window. (An air-conditioner was removed in one case.) Stolen: headphones, cell phones, tie clips, an old computer and $80.

An officer taped hundreds of warning fliers to apartment doors on Thursday, and even locked several doors that were open.

On Saturday, a woman left her door open on Remsen Street, and returned hours later to find stolen her diamond earrings, a ring, a bracelet, two Rolex watches, and $300, the police said. On Columbia Place, a resident left both a window and door open; gone were a computer and PlayStation 3.

Ms. Stanton said another feared burglary “turned out to be a messy apartment.”

Eric Medlin, 42, commented: “When we were growing up, there used to be knife fights on the promenade, muggings, all kinds of things.”

While the neighborhood has changed, Mr. Medlin said: “You still have to pay attention. It’s Brooklyn, but it’s still safer than anywhere you can be.”

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Student Douses Classmate With Acid in Chemistry Class

Updated 4:57 p.m. | A Brooklyn high school student attacked a classmate with hydrochloric acid Wednesday morning during a chemistry lesson, telling the authorities that she was trying to burn her classmate’s eyes out, officials said.

Zhanna Smsarian, 16, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Thursday on charges that include first-degree attempted assault. Officials said that Ms. Smsarian and the 15-year-old victim, Albina Eshimbaeva, had been in a dispute, but exactly what prompted the attack was unclear.

According to the criminal complaint, Ms. Smsarian poured the acid over Ms. Eshimbaeva’s head during a class at Fort Hamilton High School. Ms. Eshimbaeva was taken to Staten Island University Hospital, where she was treated and released from the burn unit on Wednesday.

Ms. Smsarian was behind Ms. Eshimbaeva at about 10:45 a.m. when the latter “felt a liquid falling” onto her head. Her face and eyes began to burn and sting. When she turned around, she saw Ms. Smsarian putting down a bottle labeled hydrochloric acid. Once the police arrived, Ms. Smsarian admitted she had poured the acid onto Ms. Eshimbaeva “and was trying to burn Eshimbaeva’s eyes out.”

The chemical solution had been diluted to 10 percent concentration, officials said. Had it been 100 percent acid, the victim would have been blinded, said Sandy Silverstein, a spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney.

Marge Feinberg, a spokeswoman from the Department of Education, said in a statement that the teacher flushed the victim’s eyes and face before she was taken to the hospital. The school has taken disciplinary action, but Ms. Feinberg said she could not disclose whether the girl had been suspended or expelled, citing departmental policy.

Igor Vaysberg, a lawyer for Ms. Smsarian, said in court that she was an honor-roll student and had never been in trouble. He declined to comment further. The police had no record of prior arrests. She was released on $7,500 bail following her arraignment.

Ms. Smsarian was charged as an adult and could face up to 15 years if convicted of the most serious charge against her, Mr. Silverstein said.

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Blackberry Spy Software Program Doing Work Mechanism Explained

These days “Blackberry spy” application may be very very easily offered. By working with this software package you are in a position to spy on any mobile handset from Blackberry. You only need putting in the application in any Blackberry handset together with the intention of keeping observe of each of the calls which are currently being manufactured or for that make a difference obtained by that specific handset. Despite the fact that this notion may well glance as if it is really straight out from a Bond video it really is a actuality nowadays. From maintaining track of a single’s little ones to husband or wife or workers, there may be merely a lot you can obtain utilizing this spy application on your own cell mobile phone.

A single chief advantage with this spy software package from Blackberry is usually that it could function less than absolute stealth. The man or women utilizing the certain phone phone into which this software package is installed would never ever be in any doubt whatsoever that he/she is staying kept tracked. After this software program is installed then it would secretly history every single and each one with the things to do of that certain handset plus ship the information for you. The computer software engineering is advancing ahead so rapidly today that one particular can even listen to the legitimate time calls getting location on a distinct mobile telephone that is certainly at existing currently being spied.

Right after setting up the spy computer software from Blackberry it can be absolutely concealed from your person. It would function silently amassing files in the backdrop for instance phone record too as SMS messages. These days with the advance in know-how, the GPS tracking program is also incorporated being a a part of this application bundle designed by many application developers. The engineering enables a person to trace the precise position wherever the telephone is at present.

To obtain the many name records 1 has to go towards the on the net vendor in the “Blackberry spy” software and login. When you submit your accounts characteristics and login, you are able to go via every document. In fact, one particular can access these data wherever a person is located with this globe; you only need being linked by way of the web.

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Finding Reliable Wholesale Suppliers on Wholesale Forums

Selling online can be an exciting business prospect, especially for those who are looking for a supplementary source of income. And, it is not only individuals but established
wholesale companies that are taking the online route to expand their business. The venture may seem a very easy task to manage, but there are a few issues associated with it that must be resolved effectively for the business to flourish.

Finding the right wholesale supplier is one of the most crucial requirements of the online selling business. The wholesaler is the most important element of your online retailing business, and for that very reason, it is important to choose authentic and reliable suppliers. Other factors include your ability to identify the right types of products for your business and identifying the markets where you can sell them for maximum profits.

Online retailers find the dropship model very convenient to adapt for their businesses. Wholesale dropshippers manage all the key areas of your online retailing business, and that includes providing you with a ready-made list of products that you can choose from, packaging the materials securely, and shipping the merchandise directly from their warehouses to the addresses provided by your customers.

All the merchandise shipped by the wholesale supplier will have your own labels and invoices and will be delivered to your customers under your name. For instance, if you have an order for a set of fashion apparel, then the clothing wholesale supplier you choose to deliver the consignment will do all the above-mentioned tasks under your name for a predetermined percentage of the profits.

According to established online business owners, the best place to find reliable wholesalers, dropshippers, and distributors is online wholesale forums. Here, you can get authentic and valuable information about the types of wholesalers that you are searching for. You can also get information about the various products that are selling like hotcakes in the market currently.

The most important use of these forums is their ability to help you identify the best wholesale suppliers who are not even remotely associated with any online dropship scams. With the right wholesaler by your side, it wont be long before your online stores buzzes with activity and orders start to roll in. Your ability to bring customers to your e-commerce store will also determine the amount of success that your online retailing venture will have.

There are many online directories and forums available on the net, because of which knowing the right type of directory to choose your wholesaler is very crucial.

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Morning Buzz | Three Face Corruption Charges

Thursday will be considerably warmer than Wednesday with highs around 50, almost certainly accompanied by a deluge that may lead to flooding in some areas.

State Senator Carl Kruger, a powerful and at times controversial Brooklyn Democrat; a state assemblyman; and an influential lobbyist are expected to turn themselves in on Thursday to federal authorities in Manhattan on corruption charges, according to several people briefed on the matter.

Mr. Kruger had been under investigation by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn who were looking into accusations that he had helped businessmen surmount bureaucratic hurdles in exchange for assistance raising campaign money, but the charges stemmed from an investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Others, including William F. Boyland Jr., a four-term Democratic state assemblyman from Brooklyn, and Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist, and two hospital executives, were also expected to face charges in the case, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the charges had not been made public. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News and The New York Post.)


The number of international scholars working at colleges and universities in the United States — as researchers, instructors and professors — rose to 115,000 last year, an all-time high, from 86,000 in 2001. The globalization of academic positions will most likely lead to more relationships and exchanges abroad, higher education experts say, while giving students a stronger sense that they are world citizens — a widely advertised goal in academia. [NYT]

Peter Applebome examines a push for a Hebrew language charter school in Highland Park, N.J., in the Our Towns column. The debate surrounding the school is a microcosm for the problems created by the popularity of charter schools: it has not been approved locally, but the decision lies with state officials, not local ones, and the school could still become a reality, probably to the detriment of other nearby public schools.

Government & Politics

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has built a popular national image as a blunt talker who gives straight answers to hard questions, especially about budgets and labor relations. But his straight-talking veneer is belied by his misstatements, exaggerations and carefully constructed claims. [NYT] The Times investigates some of those claims here.

In a closed-door meeting with gay advocates, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo pledged to deploy his own political popularity and prestige to push for the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, saying he was prepared to devote his “full attention” to the cause this spring. [NYT]

As Representative Peter T. King of Long Island takes the spotlight this week with his hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, “Vale of Tears,” his novel about Congressman Cross, an alter ego who faces terrorist attacks in Brooklyn and on Long Island, shows he has long been considering the dangers posed by radical Muslims, as well as what role a mere congressman can play in protecting his country. [City Room] The controversy surrounding Mr. King’s hearings has been dismissed as an overreaction by Islamic voices in America and supported by those who think it will energize extremists who could portray the hearings as an inquisition for nonviolent Muslims. [Daily News]

Plucked from the Web

After nine years of work, Julie Taymor is stepping aside as director of the $65 million “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” its producers announced Wednesday night. They named Philip William McKinley, director of “Boys of Oz,” to replace her and a script doctor to rewrite the show, as they prepared to overhaul the production during the next three months. [NYT] (Also see The New York Post, The Daily News and The Wall Street Journal.)


Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City’s transportation commissioner, spoke in front of a more supportive crowd than she has recently faced on Wednesday: the National Bike Summit, an annual gathering put on by the League of American Bicyclists, an advocacy group. The commissioner, in an upbeat and commanding voice, spoke proudly of the improvements brought by her signature project in New York: bicycle lanes that, she said, slowed down cars, encouraged more cycling and reduced injuries to pedestrians. [NYT]

Housing & Economy

The recession that ended in 2009 caused less damage in New York City than economists previously thought, according to revised jobs data released on Wednesday by the State Department of Labor. [NYT]

Jose Caceres, 25, has been a security guard since last March with the Protection Plus Security Corporation in Manhattan. He recently completed a training course that will grant him the right to carry a gun, and give him a raise. [NYT]

An assistant United States attorney, Jonathan Streeter, told a packed courtroom in New York federal court that the Galleon Group founder, Raj Rajnaratnam, used a network of consultants, company insiders and associates to collect illegal information that led to tens of millions of dollars in illicit profits. [Wall Street Journal]

People & Neighborhoods

The State of New Jersey nearly sold computers with information on the hard drives, including crucial data like Social Security numbers, State Comptroller Matthew A. Boxer reported on Wednesday. [NYT]

This week’s weather report was enough to make residents of Hoffman Grove neighborhood of Wayne, N.J., shudder. Most of the nearly 100 houses were already partly underwater from the heavy rain this week, and forecasters predicted even more rain on Thursday. [NYT]

Crime & Public Safety

A van carrying a group of disabled adults was struck by a city fire truck on Staten Island on Wednesday afternoon, killing one of the van’s passengers and seriously injuring two others, police and fire officials said. [City Room] (Also see The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.)

Monique Smith, 19, was arrested and charged by law enforcement agents from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with aggravated cruelty to animals — a felony that carries a sentence of up to two years in prison — along with two misdemeanors, torturing animals and endangering the welfare of a child, after she was tracked for nine months in the killing of a sibling’s hamster. [City Room] (Also see The New York Post and The Daily News.)

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The Christiana Mall salutes Pennsylvania

The sales tax in Pennsylvania is a hefty 6%, while because of the gross receipts tax, the perception is that the sales tax in Delaware is zero. How much of an impact does this have on retail trade in Delaware?

The chart in the full article NCC retail compares retail sales per $1,000 of residential personal income in New Castle County (NCC) to that of Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania combined. The results are exactly what one would expect.

Residential personal income in the two southeastern Pennsylvania counties is roughly double that of NCC and a considerable amount of residential spending from Pennsylvania occurs in Delaware. The leading retail beneficiaries of the leaked spending are high price durables. Sales of electronics and appliances in NCC are 318% of the level of sales in southeastern PA. Similarly, NCC department stores sales are 246% above southeastern PA and furniture sales 210% above. Lower value goods that typically have a more local market, such as health and personal care items and supermarkets, are least benefited from the absence of a Delaware sales tax.

Delaware retail trade is a significant beneficiary of the state’s tax policies and is certainly grateful to Pennsylvania (and Maryland and New Jersey) for their persistently high sales taxes.

Dr. John E. Stapleford, Director
Center for Economic Policy and Analysis
NCC retail

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2 Bodies Found in Trunk of Car in Brooklyn

The bodies of a man and a woman were found in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn late Wednesday night, the police said.

The bodies were discovered in a Nissan Altima that was parked outside of 442 East 52nd Street near Crown Heights, the police said. Detectives had not confirmed the victims’ identities as of early Thursday morning, but they were investigating the possibility that the man and woman were a missing New Jersey couple who disappeared last month.

The couple, Evande Orna, 39, and Troy Edwards, 40, lived in Plainfield, in Union County, and were last seen on Feb. 20, when they rented a 2011 Nissan Altima for a trip to Richmond, Va. The police in Virginia have said they believe the couple made it to Richmond and might have stayed in an apartment there, where detectives found signs of foul play: red-stained sheets, duct tape and a stun gun.

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19-Year-Old Is Charged in Hamster’s Death

The trouble began, Theresa Smith said, shortly after she bought a hamster for her 9-year-old son. A few months later, the hamster, Princess Stephanie, was playing in its exercise ball on the floor of their apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, when an older son, who is 25, flew into a rage.

“He kicked it deliberately, the ball flew across the room, the hamster flew out of the ball, and it died,” Ms. Smith said. After he had calmed down, the older son felt terrible, she said.

“He was very remorseful,” Ms. Smith said. “He brought my son three more hamsters.”

This act of contrition, however, only angered Ms. Smith’s daughter Monique, Theresa Smith said. Monique picked up the biggest of the three hamsters, Sweetie, “took it out of the cage, and she slammed it on the floor,” Theresa Smith said. “It died on impact.”

This was on June 7, 2010. Tuesday night at 7, after a nine-month hunt for a suspect they described as evasive and uncooperative, law enforcement agents from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals arrested Monique Smith, 19, along Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick.

She was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals — a felony that carries a sentence of up to two years in prison — along with two misdemeanors, torturing animals and endangering the welfare of a child.

No charges have been filed against the 25-year-old son.

A necropsy by the animal society’s doctors indicated that Sweetie, an adult female who weighed just under four ounces, died of blunt force trauma and liver damage.

Animal cruelty laws apply equally to creatures large and small, said Joseph Pentangelo, assistant director of humane law enforcement for the society.

“It may be a fish, it may be a hamster, it may not be the type of a pet that people commonly hold dear,” Mr. Pentangelo said. “But to the people who own them, they are.”

Theresa Smith, 47, who lives with 10 of her 12 children in the third-floor apartment on Putnam Avenue, said that after Sweetie’s death, her 25-year-old son gave the other two hamsters to a friend to keep them from harm.

“We have a cat that just had kittens,” she said. “We’re happy with them.”

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Sanitary quality of water swept the world still remain to be improved – Bathroom – Hardware Industry

Bathroom The continuous development of the industry, bathroom companies are constantly upgrading ourselves, sanitary products constantly break, numerous water-saving sanitary ware a flower-decked, but the consumer is buying up feeling difficult, “the general is to look at the brand, and then listen Shopping guide personnel, no knowledge, do not know, “Ms. Zhang told reporters visiting the shop.

In a Home Network recently launched the saving sanitary ware, bathroom shopping survey, 76.3% said they do not understand the water survey Sanitary Ware And bathroom, little is known about its water-saving principle, in purchasing water-saving sanitary ware, bathroom time, only 36.5% of consumers said they would consider water-saving targets, while 60.3% of consumers buy the brand is based on the ware, bathroom.

Not difficult to see, although the present water-saving sanitary ware, bathroom has become mainstream, but the consumer’s attitude is not completely water-saving as a guide, but more value price and appearance. According to industry sources, with the water price increases, water saving products will undoubtedly usher in a market peak, but the current water market, water saving products, water-saving performance has been mixed, easy to trouble for consumers . Some water-saving products

immature I learned in the building materials market is currently 3 / 6 liters double bond double red wares to the mainstream consumer product purchase, 3 / 6 liters flushing sanitary manner mostly dashed style is also part of the consumers try to 4.8 liters, 4.5 liters of “super water” sanitary ware, sanitary ware and more use of such siphon or siphon jet flush, flush more intense, red shooting ability further, the noise is small, but the relative prices of a number of red slightly higher drop-type ware.

Addition to water-saving sanitary ware, some of the tap is also used to increase resistance and foaming through the device and other methods to reduce the actual tap water flow, without compromising the flow of feeling, to achieve water-saving purposes. The past, the more common use in public places for Induction taps have begun to prevail in the market. Unfortunately, due to varying levels of water-saving products, water products directly lead to vastly different performance.

As well as water-saving production technology differences in design, water saving products market is not pure, although some businesses that their products are water-saving products, particularly sanitary ware, use still requires repeated washing, the real big water. Marketing of a ceramic Marketing Director Ma Xiaogang told the author, water saving sanitary ware really need ceramic glazed, flush water control capabilities, and many aspects of design and development.

Ma Xiaogang said the number of technical, financial strength is not enough business in water-saving products, inputs and technical research on the difficulties, resulting in inadequate production of glazed ware smooth, easy to hang dirty, prone to visible mold, and the internal design of improper also lead to a lack of sanitary flushing, dramatically reducing the rate of one-time rinse must be repeated flushing, and some 6 liters, or 3 / 6 liters sanitary regulations appear to meet the national water-saving requirements, but “some six liters a red ware net rate, need to wash again, this way would require 12 liters of water or more water than the existing products more non-waste. “

In addition, the author also found that some stores in some thousand dollars below the ware is also known as “water-saving performance good”, a brand of sanitary ware and general manager, said the spring side, the current water saving sanitary ware at the factory and not mandatory section water testing, the price can not be the sole judge the performance standards of sanitary water, “but only some of the most exaggerated of the sanitary water 2,3 l unreliable, difficult to achieve such sanitary flushing requirements of 12.5 meters, easily cause blockage problems. ” Therefore, when buying bathroom products must be concerned about the quality or the bathroom.

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