What Vanity Numbers Can do for your Work

Most businesses opt to get a vanity phone number, mainly because it’s easier for customers to remember. As long as the business owners know how to optimize it, then it can be useful for the business. However, the problem is that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know how to use it properly.

This should not be the case, of course. The truth is that vanity numbers are not just phone numbers for people to cal. They can play a part in promoting the business and making sure that customers can actually remember that the business exists. Properly used, it is yet another tool in one’s promotional arsenal.

The first thing you should remember in utilizing a vanity number is that it should be easily remembered and somehow connected to the business. The vanity numbers coming after 1-800 should be catchy and memorable as well so that customers can easily call whenever they need your product or service. Of course, it’s common knowledge that the number should be related to your business. Business owners who use a number that isn’t related at all to the business are only wasting their resources and can even negatively affect the business since people get the wrong impression on what you’re selling. This can decrease your sales and ruin the good reputation of your business. This can be crucial, especially when you’re just starting out since you want to maintain the good image of your brand as much as possible.

Remember that a vanity number is more than just a phone number. While its main purpose is to be reached by customers, it also plays a part that goes beyond that. It can be used as a branding scheme being applied by the company or business. The number chosen should reflect the branding and marketing techniques. This helps create a fuss about the enterprise and gives the impression of consistency.

As an extension on the idea, take note of whether or not a domain name that matches the number is possible. Again, this connects with the image of consistency and helps get the message across to customers that the business knows what it’s doing. This also makes it more memorable for customers, since they only need t keep one thing in mind when looking up either the phone number or the website.

In many cases, it also proves profitable to make the number as catchy as possible. Similar to jingles from advertising campaigns, a catchy number is easier to promote and remember. It also helps make it easier to integrate into an advertising campaign or commercial. As with anything else in advertising and marketing, the easier it is to remember, the higher the chances it will convert the audience into customers over time and exposure.

Vanity phone numbers is an interesting tool to boost up sales of a business. It helps consumers recall the brand in an instant. Hence, it is important that much thought is given to it.

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Make Your Party Bounce with Fun Jumpers and Clown Rentals

Bounce houses and inflatable jumpers are large inflatable balloon type structures made out of a heavy material inflated with air to form a giant air filled house, castle or other structure for kids to jump and bounce in. Kids climb into the structures and jump around on the air filled floors. These are very popular for birthday parties and events for children.

Have you been to a child’s birthday party or social event lately and noticed all the kids gathered around an inflatable bounce house or giant inflatable slide? You hear all the children laughing, cheering, jumping and having a wonderful time and think to yourself, “I wonder where they got these bounce houses and slides for this event?” The answer is Fun Jumpers.

Fun Jumpers is a family owned and operated company that services all the cities in Santa Clara County in California. The company specializes in Kids Jumpers and Party Clown Rentals. You can check out their website at www.fun-jumpers.com for more information or to fill out a reservation form, or call them at 408-726-8591 for reservations and be ready for your next party.

The company has a membership plan available if you would like to reserve them for various occasions. Members will receive bigger discounts such as an extra $10 off on weekday rentals and every fourth rental is free, plus $25 discounts on Dottie the Clown rentals. All discounts are excluding holidays and cannot be combined with fourth time free rentals.

Fun Jumpers & Party Clown Rentals rent high quality party jumpers with a variety of themes like Batman, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Toy Story, Transformers, Winnie the Pooh and many others. They also offer combo jumpers with slides. These bounce houses and slides bring hours of fun to any child’s party. Service is great and prices are low with $10 discounts if reserved as a weekday rental. The company also rents generators if needed for park rentals. Generators can be rented with or without the rental of a jumper.

Party Clown rentals are also available from Fun Jumpers with a variety of activities to choose from. Dottie the Clown will visit your party and will perform, for your children, a magic act, a puppet show or balloon twisting and face painting. You can also choose a combination of the three, depending on the package rental you decide to purchase.

No matter what variety of services you choose you will find low prices and great service from Fun Jumpers and Clown Rentals. You will be the greatest parents of the day, with your kids and their friends thanking you for throwing them such a wonderful and fun party.

Parents will be lining up to ask your advice on how to throw these types of parties for their children. Tell them about Fun Jumpers and their child’s next birthday party will be a total success, too.
Fun Jumpers is the most dependable and friendliest jumper service in the South Bay! We offer low priced high quality Kids Jumpers for all occasions. We also offer hilariously funny Birthday Party Clown rentals for children’s parties for the whole family to enjoy. Our party rental service covers most city locations within Santa Clara County. Those cities are San Jose, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell and Los Gatos.http://www.fun-jumpers.com

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The Week in Pictures for March 11

Here is a slide show of photographs from the past week in New York City and the region. Subjects include flooding in New Jersey, a bike lane in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Queens.

This weekend on “The New York Times Close Up,” an inside look at the most compelling stories in Sunday’s Times, Sam Roberts will speak with David Brooks, Javier C. Hernandez and Fernanda Santos of The Times, as well as the Sloan Public Service Award winners and Frank Rich. Tune in at 10 p.m. on Saturday or 10 a.m. on Sunday on NY1 News to watch.

A sampling from the City Room blog is featured daily in the main print news section of The Times. You may also browse highlights from the blog and reader comments, read current New York headlines, become a City Room fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Most Teachers in Disciplinary Limbo Have Returned to Class

Whatever happened to all those teachers who were cooling their heels in the city’s infamous “rubber rooms,” doing nothing while waiting to hear if they would be fired on charges of incompetence or worse?

Most have been returned to the classroom, according to new data released on Friday by the Department of Education.

Under an agreement between the city and the teachers’ union last April, all 744 teachers and administrators then awaiting decisions in the city’s reassignment centers — or rubber rooms — had to have their cases resolved by the end of 2010. Education officials said Friday that all hearings had been completed, although teachers still await judgments in 50 cases, and 33 of the teachers still have open criminal cases against them.

Of the 661 teachers and administrators who have learned their fates, 474 have been “returned to service,” which means they have resumed whatever job they were doing before, generally teaching. About 200 were cleared following the investigations and 270 received penalties, whether a fine, mandatory training, a letter being placed in their file or suspension without pay.

About a quarter of the teachers, 181 of them, are no longer employed by the Department of Education. Of those, 59 were fired following a legal process; 27 resigned or retired; 94 agreed to quit in a settlement; and one died.

Six teachers were permanently re-assigned to nonclassroom duties.

The rubber rooms formally closed in June, and teachers removed from the classroom these days are assigned to administrative offices around the city. They must be charged within 60 days, while before, it could take years. As a result, there are now only 123 reassigned employees, including the 83 old cases, the city said.

Michael Mulgrew, the president of the United Federation of Teachers, said the results were evidence that that the new procedures to resolve charges against teachers were working.

“All the demonizing that went on with these teachers, all of the complaints that this could never be fixed were wrong.” he said. “Once there was a will there was a way. Not only did this work, it worked better than we could have imagined. It’s fast and its fair, and that’s what we wanted.”

“Ending the rubber rooms was certainly a critical step,” said Barbara Morgan, a schools spokeswoman, said that but she added that the city still had to do more to make sure it retains the best teachers.

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