Why Inflation Will Be Great For Manufactured Home Community Owners

With the price of oil nearing $100 a barrel, and other commodities heading up sharply, only a fool would not see the trend to a more inflationary environment in the U.S.. And despite the government’s attempts to stem the increases, clearly inflation will be the big news story right up to the elections in 2012. But what will the effects of inflation be on manufactured home communities as an investment? It appears only positive.

People have to live somewhere.

Housing is not a luxury (although it would seem that way in some countries). People have to have shelter – they can’t just cut that out of their budget. As a result, manufactured home communities do not have to fight a battle to keep consumers buying their product despite their attempts to trim costs to deal with inflation. This is one moment in history when being at the top of the demand food-chain is a good thing.

And, equally important, manufactured home living is among the least expensive options out there. At a time when people will be seeking a way to reduce their budget, life can’t get any cheaper than the manufactured home community. While others may be losing tenants, we may actually see increasing demand.

Our customers are in the best position not to lose their jobs.

In times of inflation – when companies are struggling to trim costs such as payroll – there are some jobs you can cut, and some you can’t. The ones you can cut are administration. Executives, supervisors – jobs that you can’t directly link to sales – are the ones that go first. Our customers are the folks you can’t let go of. Let’s look at a hotel as an example. You can’t fire the people who clean the rooms, cook the meals in the restaurant, or valet the cars. But you can fire the management staff, and the management company that supervises them. Our customers are the former, not the latter. The manufactured home communities will not feel the pain. The McMansions will.

Those jobs paying minimum wage to $15 per hour will be the survivors of the cost-cutting mania that is about to be unleashed.

We have the ability to still raise rents.

As inflation increases, we will be able to raise rents to stay in step with increased costs. And we can do that because our rents are still very low. When you have a lot rent of $200 to $300 per month, you are delivering a low price that still has plenty of room for a boost – yet still remain uniquely affordable.

In many communities, the residents already own their homes outright. With no mortgage to pay, they are effectively living in a two or three bedroom home for a few hundred dollars a month. Let’s compare that to the average apartment in the U.S., which exceeded $1,000 per month in 2010. Which do you think has more room for price growth?

Manufactured home communities do not use a lot of inflating resources.

The single largest line item for the average manufactured home community is water & sewer. While these will probably always be going up over time, they are not energy related and are not expected to inflate wildly. In fact, there are few – if any – line items that are going to go anywhere fast. The most dangerous cost from an inflationary perspective is going to be the electricity, but that is paid directly by the tenant. So there is really little inflationary damage from the community owner’s perspective.

While many industries – from airlines to trucking – will be struggling to survive the increasing costs of inflation, community owners will pretty much be on the sidelines.

Inflation is good for real estate.

When the stick-built housing bubble burst a few years ago, some economists said that the only salvation would be a good round of aggressive inflation to boost values. Well, it looks like they’re going to get their wish. But inflation is not just good for houses, it’s good for all forms of real estate. Why? Because inflation gives you a sales point to make all hard, tangible investments more valuable, while investments tied to currency falter. Just look at what happened to the stock market the day I wrote this article – it fell 180 points due to concerns on inflation.

As real estate values increase, so will the value of your manufactured home community. Just like those lucky Californians who bought real estate before the great inflationary run up of the past few decades, a basic manufactured home community – any community – will increase in value without any help on your part. As a result, you will see the benefits when you go to sell or refinance.


Yes, inflation is coming back. The signs are everywhere. Remember gold at $300 an ounce? Try $1,400. Remember $20 per barrel oil? Try $100. Remember what that shopping cart at Walmart cost you last week? Well, it’s going to be a whole lot higher soon. And the effects of inflation are going to be huge, as we have avoided it for so many years that we don’t factor that into our decision making any more.

But one of the few happy participants in the inflation game are going to be the community owners. They will see continually higher cash flow and values. And that’s a happy security blanket when the rest of the economy is crashing and burning.


Frank Rolfe is regarded as one of the leading Manufactured Housing

Industry experts. He has purchased over 100 mobile home communities,

100’s of mobile homes, and through his Mobile Home Parks and Mobile Homes

websites, he has helped thousands of individuals buy and sell mobile

home parks and mobile homes.

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Avoid Becoming Blocked At Facebook and Discover Your Market

Nowadays we all know about the significant traffic at Facebook and enough has been stated about it. Of course, all businesses from small to large tend to view that in terms of profits which is easy to understand. But have no illusions about doing business at Facebook, you will need to be geared up and put in a strong effort. Social marketing at Facebook, or elsewhere, is not as simple as publishing some content and expecting the money to appear. If you are wondering what can be done, if you are unknown you can turn that around and become recognized. Your business can acquire massive visibility which often means tons of contacts and improved business reach. But that is not going to happen if your strategies are incorrect, or you do not put the needed effort into your marketing.

We see all types of mistakes at Facebook, and at least one is being inconsistent with your social marketing. The issue about this is you might take a few steps in the wrong course if you are not consistently in touch with your target audience. So possibly in the beginning you are productive, but after that after a while you recognize you have been disregarding your efforts. But then you get a rush of enthusiasm, and the outcome is you appear and post a bunch of announcements to your fans, or market. To make things worse, you publish a link or two in those updates and expect people to come running to them. Hopefully you can easily see why that will never be an effective technique with your market. The combination of your absence and the hyperlinks you gave them will result in a bad opinion about you. So just spread out your marketing and ensure you talk to people on a recurrent basis.

You can cause other annoying effects by failing to keep in regular contact with your market. Recall you are constantly perpetuating and creating your business brand. The desire to have a constant tone in your messages along with how you speak in your content matters a great deal. But not only do you have to do that, but you must be professional while at the same time being friendly. That really is not very different from any situation where you desired to remain personable while preserving some decorum. Whenever talking to your target audience, stay on the appropriate topics which are the reason why they are there with you in the first place. There is nothing wrong with being casual and making a ruse occasionally. But keep things heading in the right direction which is the theme of your page as well as your business branding.

Facebook is smart to develop and further advance their operations for both members and businesses. Just one change that has taken place concerns transmitting friend requests to members who will not know who you are. Well, Facebook has really come to be very strict about doing that, and if you send out way too many you could get banned. One good solution includes using their search function with keyword phrases that are a good fit for your niche. If you do that, you will be able to find ongoing conversations about those subject areas. At that time it is just a matter of tactfully adding to the interactions.

Social Networkings are great methods to boost the popularity and boost traffic to your Web Site! The author an specialist in Article Marketing utilizes all tools of promoting his Internet business. A plethora of different traffic boosting methods should be part of your every day routine of boosting your Internet business. If you would like to discover a lot more come check out one of the greatest Marketing Robot Tools to promote your business! Terrific Success with Internet marketing is actually within reach!

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4-Year-Old Citizen Who Was Deported Comes Back

Emily Ruiz, the 4-year-old United States citizen who was deported to her parents’ native country, Guatemala, this month, has returned to New York.

She was greeted at Kennedy International Airport early Wednesday morning by hugs from her mother, the family’s lawyer, David M. Sperling, wrote on Twitter.

“Mission accomplished,” he wrote.

Mr. Sperling said a news conference would be held later in the day.

The case has caused outrage among immigration lawyers and reform advocates.

When Emily, a Long Island native, was detained at Dulles International Airport outside Washington on March 11, she was returning to the United States with her grandfather from a trip to Guatemala.

Because of an immigration infraction two decades ago, her grandfather was told he could not stay in the country. Emily’s parents are illegal immigrants — a fact that left the young girl in limbo and complicated her return to the United States.

“She was treated like a second-class citizen or worse,” Mr. Sperling has said. “She’s a U.S. citizen, and she’s entitled to the same rights as any other U.S. citizen.”

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Morning Buzz | More Technology in the Classroom

Partly cloudy with a high of 51 Wednesday. That’s as good as it’s going to get for a little while; showers start at night and won’t stop for a couple of days.

Amid a budget crisis and debate over teacher layoffs, the city’s Department of Education plans on spending $592 million on technology next year to wire classrooms and make learning and performance testing digital. The technology money is capital financing and cannot be used on teacher salaries, but the spending is also planned alongside $1.3 billion in cuts in new school construction, a capital cost, over the next three years.

Line items include contracts with Rosetta Stone and Pearson Education, the Innovation Zone, an 80-school-and-expanding program that develops individual lessons based on student progress, and the School of One experiment that creates math playlists for students. And after all of that, some schools still complain of a slow Internet. One school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, received a $247,000 upgrade, but still reports slow connections. [NYT]


Daisy Khan, who, along with her husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, had been involved in the Islamic community center planned near ground zero, said she and her husband were looking into a new interfaith cultural center that could still be located at 51 Park Place. Once plans are completed, they will approach the property’s owner, Sharif el-Gamal, whom they recently quarreled with over the Islamic community center project, causing the departure of Ms. Khan and Mr. Rauf. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News.)

President Obama

President Barack Obama visited Manhattan on Tuesday, capping off his stay with a fund-raiser at Harlem’s newest hit restaurant, Red Rooster, and a reception at the Studio Museum of Harlem. Attendees of the fund-raiser ponied up $30,800 each. Earlier in the day, Mr. Obama and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg visited the American Museum of Natural History for a science and engineering fair, and he and former President Bill Clinton spoke at the United Nations. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News.)

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Harlem to glimpse Mr. Obama’s first visit to the neighborhood since becoming president. [Daily News]


With the debate over bike lanes reaching new heights, so is the city’s public relations campaign to drum up support for its cycling policy. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson has systematically and publicly tried to subdue opponents to the policy, a major cycling advocacy group has hired a public relations firm for the first time and, on Monday, Mayor Bloomberg attended a fund-raiser to promote the city’s proposed bike-sharing program. [NYT]

Crime & Public Safety

The so-called Holiday Bandit, who since early December robbed nine banks, seven in New York City was arrested in Queens Tuesday after robbing a bank in New Jersey, investigators said. The man, Marat G. Mikhaylich, was caught after a New York City Police Department network of surveillance cameras tracked a car he stole from a livery cab service after his Monday heist, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which had tracked Mr. Mikhaylich for two months. [NYT]

The police are investigating the beating of a man at a McDonald’s in the West Village as a hate crime. The victim posted photographs of his battered face on Facebook, after a confrontation that he said included antigay epithets spilled into a brawl outside the fast-food restaurant. [Daily News]

Former Msgr. Charles Kavanagh, once the New York Archdiocese’s chief fund-raiser, has filed a defamation suit against a former seminarian who accused Mr. Kavanagh of sexual abuse. Mr. Kavanagh was removed from the clergy last year. [New York Post] (Also see The Daily News.)


The Bronx Zoo cobra, still at large five days after escaping its enclosure at the reptile house, and now immortalized with a fake Twitter account, is being lured back to its home using a trap baited with live mice. No word whether this Twitter posting — “On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice.” — is a related taunt. [New York Post]

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3 of 14 Pit Bulls Hurt in Bronx Fire Were Euthanized

Three of the 14 pit bulls who were badly injured in an apartment fire in the Bronx three weeks ago were euthanized at a veterinary hospital shortly after their rescue, Richard Gentles, a spokesman for Animal Care and Control of New York City, said this week.

Six of the dogs — a mother and four young puppies, as well as a 4-month old puppy — were given to rescue agencies that find adoptive owners, he said.

One dog was returned to the owner, whose apartment on the sixth floor of 2186 Grand Concourse caught fire on March 7. The owner was not charged in the case, and rescue workers would not identify him. One dog was placed in a temporary home.

Of the three remaining dogs now at the group’s Manhattan shelter, two have kennel cough and the third has “some behavioral issues,” Mr. Gentles said. If those dogs are not adopted they may be euthanized, he said, explaining that dogs with health or aggression problems are particularly difficult to keep for long periods of time because they need to be held in isolated areas.

Some of the information provided by Animal Care was contested by pet advocates. Members of the Facebook group “Urgent Part 2,” which posts pictures and information about dogs scheduled to be put down by Animal Care, said they believed that four dogs — not three — were killed at the animal hospital after the fire. A woman who runs the Facebook page, and would identify herself only as Kay, said that those deaths might have been unnecessary, and that only two dogs remained at the shelter.

The two remaining dogs, Boss and Buster, are certainly adoptable, she said in a telephone interview.

She accused Animal Care of using the Bronx dogs as draws for fund-raising — noting the plea on its Web home page for donations to help “recent victims of the apartment fires in the Bronx” — without trying fully to save the remaining dogs.

The Facebook page relies on information from members who have access to the shelters, as well as e-mail notifications that Animal Care sends out each evening listing animals at risk of euthanization.

In 2010, Animal Care rescued 11,671 dogs, of which 7,352 were adopted and 2,417 were humanely euthanized, according to the group’s Web site. Others were returned to their owners.

Roughly 40 percent of the dogs taken in are pit bulls or pit bull mixes, which tend not to be adopted as easily as other breeds. Adult pit bulls are especially difficult to place.

Mr. Gentles said he appreciated the role of the Facebook page in identifying adoptive owners for dogs in the shelter, but added, “It’s important that we not attack each other, because that’s not helpful.”

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