Morning Buzz | More Technology in the Classroom

Partly cloudy with a high of 51 Wednesday. That’s as good as it’s going to get for a little while; showers start at night and won’t stop for a couple of days.

Amid a budget crisis and debate over teacher layoffs, the city’s Department of Education plans on spending $592 million on technology next year to wire classrooms and make learning and performance testing digital. The technology money is capital financing and cannot be used on teacher salaries, but the spending is also planned alongside $1.3 billion in cuts in new school construction, a capital cost, over the next three years.

Line items include contracts with Rosetta Stone and Pearson Education, the Innovation Zone, an 80-school-and-expanding program that develops individual lessons based on student progress, and the School of One experiment that creates math playlists for students. And after all of that, some schools still complain of a slow Internet. One school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, received a $247,000 upgrade, but still reports slow connections. [NYT]


Daisy Khan, who, along with her husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, had been involved in the Islamic community center planned near ground zero, said she and her husband were looking into a new interfaith cultural center that could still be located at 51 Park Place. Once plans are completed, they will approach the property’s owner, Sharif el-Gamal, whom they recently quarreled with over the Islamic community center project, causing the departure of Ms. Khan and Mr. Rauf. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News.)

President Obama

President Barack Obama visited Manhattan on Tuesday, capping off his stay with a fund-raiser at Harlem’s newest hit restaurant, Red Rooster, and a reception at the Studio Museum of Harlem. Attendees of the fund-raiser ponied up $30,800 each. Earlier in the day, Mr. Obama and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg visited the American Museum of Natural History for a science and engineering fair, and he and former President Bill Clinton spoke at the United Nations. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News.)

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Harlem to glimpse Mr. Obama’s first visit to the neighborhood since becoming president. [Daily News]


With the debate over bike lanes reaching new heights, so is the city’s public relations campaign to drum up support for its cycling policy. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson has systematically and publicly tried to subdue opponents to the policy, a major cycling advocacy group has hired a public relations firm for the first time and, on Monday, Mayor Bloomberg attended a fund-raiser to promote the city’s proposed bike-sharing program. [NYT]

Crime & Public Safety

The so-called Holiday Bandit, who since early December robbed nine banks, seven in New York City was arrested in Queens Tuesday after robbing a bank in New Jersey, investigators said. The man, Marat G. Mikhaylich, was caught after a New York City Police Department network of surveillance cameras tracked a car he stole from a livery cab service after his Monday heist, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which had tracked Mr. Mikhaylich for two months. [NYT]

The police are investigating the beating of a man at a McDonald’s in the West Village as a hate crime. The victim posted photographs of his battered face on Facebook, after a confrontation that he said included antigay epithets spilled into a brawl outside the fast-food restaurant. [Daily News]

Former Msgr. Charles Kavanagh, once the New York Archdiocese’s chief fund-raiser, has filed a defamation suit against a former seminarian who accused Mr. Kavanagh of sexual abuse. Mr. Kavanagh was removed from the clergy last year. [New York Post] (Also see The Daily News.)


The Bronx Zoo cobra, still at large five days after escaping its enclosure at the reptile house, and now immortalized with a fake Twitter account, is being lured back to its home using a trap baited with live mice. No word whether this Twitter posting — “On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice.” — is a related taunt. [New York Post]

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3 of 14 Pit Bulls Hurt in Bronx Fire Were Euthanized

Three of the 14 pit bulls who were badly injured in an apartment fire in the Bronx three weeks ago were euthanized at a veterinary hospital shortly after their rescue, Richard Gentles, a spokesman for Animal Care and Control of New York City, said this week.

Six of the dogs — a mother and four young puppies, as well as a 4-month old puppy — were given to rescue agencies that find adoptive owners, he said.

One dog was returned to the owner, whose apartment on the sixth floor of 2186 Grand Concourse caught fire on March 7. The owner was not charged in the case, and rescue workers would not identify him. One dog was placed in a temporary home.

Of the three remaining dogs now at the group’s Manhattan shelter, two have kennel cough and the third has “some behavioral issues,” Mr. Gentles said. If those dogs are not adopted they may be euthanized, he said, explaining that dogs with health or aggression problems are particularly difficult to keep for long periods of time because they need to be held in isolated areas.

Some of the information provided by Animal Care was contested by pet advocates. Members of the Facebook group “Urgent Part 2,” which posts pictures and information about dogs scheduled to be put down by Animal Care, said they believed that four dogs — not three — were killed at the animal hospital after the fire. A woman who runs the Facebook page, and would identify herself only as Kay, said that those deaths might have been unnecessary, and that only two dogs remained at the shelter.

The two remaining dogs, Boss and Buster, are certainly adoptable, she said in a telephone interview.

She accused Animal Care of using the Bronx dogs as draws for fund-raising — noting the plea on its Web home page for donations to help “recent victims of the apartment fires in the Bronx” — without trying fully to save the remaining dogs.

The Facebook page relies on information from members who have access to the shelters, as well as e-mail notifications that Animal Care sends out each evening listing animals at risk of euthanization.

In 2010, Animal Care rescued 11,671 dogs, of which 7,352 were adopted and 2,417 were humanely euthanized, according to the group’s Web site. Others were returned to their owners.

Roughly 40 percent of the dogs taken in are pit bulls or pit bull mixes, which tend not to be adopted as easily as other breeds. Adult pit bulls are especially difficult to place.

Mr. Gentles said he appreciated the role of the Facebook page in identifying adoptive owners for dogs in the shelter, but added, “It’s important that we not attack each other, because that’s not helpful.”

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For a Hot-and-Cold March, 1921 Has 2011 Beat

If you think this March’s weather has been zig-zagging zanily, you should have been here 90 years ago.

At 4 p.m. on March 28, 1921, the temperature stood at 78 degrees. Then the gale swept in. It was a “gale of the ‘twister’ type, reaching a velocity of seventy-eight and a half miles an hour,” The New York Times recorded. By 6 a.m. on March 29, the mercury stood at 25.

The amateur weather historian Steve Fybish reports slightly different numbers — 82 degrees for a high on March 28, down to 34 degrees by midnight and 26 the next morning. The drop of at least 56 degrees within a 24-hour period, Mr. Fybish said, (or even a 53-degree drop, as the Times numbers suggest) might be a record.

The different temperatures reflect different weather stations, he said. The Times was using the official one, located 300 feet in the air off the Battery, while Mr. Fybish tracks Central Park’s, which has since become the official one.

In Brooklyn, the wind claimed the life of an 8-year-old girl who was struck by a wall that collapsed at 69th Street and New Utrecht Avenue. Eleven hundred barrels of oil fell from a Standard Oil Company tanker into the Kill van Kull off Staten Island.

And the freeze, which covered much of the eastern half of the country, “laid withering fingers of black frost on the early fruit crop, resulting in millions of dollars of damage,” The Times reported.

Here in the present day, the ups and downs of the month have effectively canceled each other out: so far, the National Weather Service says, March has been 0.4 degrees above average, or, just about normal.

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Making The Right Investment Plan

Investments are not made in a jiffy. Why should they be, when it takes all their life savings for most people to make an investment?

For many people, making an investment is a one time thing. A decision about investments should be taken only after considering the market condition, the rate of returns, the cost for tying up funds and exit options as well. While there are several modalities through which one can make an investment like real estate, mutual funds, stock, insurance plans etc…Not all of them suit everybody. You have to find out what suits your income and what gives you the maximum benefit for the investment you make. It is also essential to assess the risk involved when making an investment plan.

Working on your investment

Before you make investment, it is essential to calculate the cost of investment i.e. for what other things that the investment could have been use and with what benefit. At this juncture you have to factor the returns and the risk involved. A higher risk investment should have a higher rate of return. Otherwise, the risk is not worth the investment. A low risk investment on the other hand need not necessarily mean a very low return. While choosing a plan, a compromise is made between these two factors.

ULIP (Unit linked Insurance Plans)

ULIP are a new breed of investment s that gives you the dual benefit of insurance and investment. The insurance can secure a child’s future, retirement life, general life insurance. It also involves investments, which can be automated or can be controlled by the investor. The flexibility gives best of all worlds. Choosing ULIP requires a good amount of research and only then should a decision be made. The benefits offered are many, the investment options even more. Look for high flexibility in increasing or decreasing your premium and assured.

Author Bio

Jayden Smith is a specialist in article & blog writing. Working with Insurance industry as a consultant has enriched his knowledge base and his passion for writing got fire. Now he has researching on investment plan and he has find interesting fact related to this like what is the ULIP plans & what is the best Life Insurance Online for you for more info visit-

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A Mother’s Life Is Taken, as She Feared

About a year ago, Patricia Garcia, 5 feet tall and 261 pounds, had allowed herself to become the lead character in an article in The New York Times about the rise in maternal obesity, and how it was putting the health of mothers and babies in jeopardy and forcing hospitals to adapt.

Before she gave birth prematurely to a 1-pound-11-ounce boy, Josiah, last May, she cried as she worried that because of her obesity and related health conditions, she would die before her baby was grown.

Her prediction came true Sunday, when Ms. Garcia was found dead in her bed at 3 a.m., apparently having died in her sleep, according to a cousin, Hector Jimenez. She was 39.

About one in five women are obese when they become pregnant, according to federal research. Studies have shown that babies born to obese women are nearly three times as likely to die within a month of birth as those born to women of normal weight, and obese women are almost twice as likely to have a stillbirth.

One of her doctors, Howard L. Minkoff, the chairman of obstetrics at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, reflected at the time that by having the baby, Ms. Garcia was putting her own “self in peril for the sake of the child.”

But Ms. Garcia found joy in talking about her pregnancy and looking forward to the birth. Josiah was born by emergency Caesarean section on May 6, nearly three months before his due date. Doctors were not sure of his prognosis, beyond that he would live.

Mr. Jimenez said that now, almost 11 months old, the baby is a “firecracker,” but he is very small, suffering from what may be a type of dwarfism. “He’s just a little puny thing that gets around,” Mr. Jimenez, 36, an administrator at Albert Einstein medical school, said. “He looks like a normal kid, only a little bit smaller.”

Ms. Garcia had been living in subsidized housing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, her cousin said, and she and the baby were getting help from home attendants. She had had more than one stroke before giving birth, and she was trying to take care of her health. But on Saturday, she told her aunt that she felt fatigued and thought she might be coming down with a virus, Mr. Jimenez said.

Ms. Garcia had refused to talk about Josiah’s father, and Mr. Jimenez said the family was not sure who he was.

He said that Ms. Garcia’s mother, Gloria, who is in her mid-60s and is taking care of Ms. Garcia’s mentally disabled older brother, would raise Josiah.

“We’re a pretty tight-knit family, so I’m sure everyone will pitch in when needed,” Mr. Jimenez said. Ms. Garcia also has another brother and a sister.

The funeral will be held from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the R. G. Ortiz Funeral Home on Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn. On Monday, Ms. Garcia’s mother was out buying her a new dress.

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Morning Buzz | Helping Out Housemates

Tuesday will remain bright, clear and cold, with a high around 45.

Federal corruption charges leveled against State Senator Carl Kruger this month described how he had helped provide luxuries, like paying the mortgage for a waterfront mansion in Mill Basin and the lease for a Bentley, to the two brothers with whom he lives in Brooklyn.

But the senator’s efforts on behalf of the brothers, Michael S. Turano, and Gerard I. Turano who are both gynecologists, went further. City records show that Mr. Kruger, a Democrat, used his office to secure them privileges accorded few New Yorkers, privileges that only the police commissioner can bestow, like dashboard placards granting free parking almost anywhere in the city and status as honorary police surgeons. [NYT]

Government & Politics

For years, through Republican and Democratic governors alike, the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, has been Albany’s most enduring center of power. But as the Legislature prepares to vote on the state’s most austere budget in more than two decades, Mr. Silver suddenly finds himself diminished, leading a depleted Democratic caucus that is more politically isolated than at any other time in years in the formidable shadow of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. [NYT]

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s decision to appear as Spider-Man at the annual Inner Circle show on Saturday night was apt if questionable, Clyde Haberman writes in the NYC column. “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” is a $70 million metaphor for hubristic overreaching; Mr. Bloomberg spent $110 million for a third term and the sinking approval ratings that have accompanied it. His appearances as the webslinger were sandwiched around a skit based on “Mamma Mia,” but some other shows might fit the bill. [NYT]

Mayor Bloomberg on Monday dismissed the budget agreement reached in Albany over the weekend as an “outrage,” saying it was likely to require the city to make another round of steep cuts. [NYT] (Also see The New York Post, The Daily News and The Wall Street Journal.)

Crime & Public Safety

A suspicious fire tore through a four-story building in Brooklyn on Monday evening, killing three people, two of them children, and seriously injuring another person, Fire Department officials said. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News and The Wall Street Journal.)

The sentencing of Alan G. Hevesi, the former New York State comptroller convicted in a pay-to-play pension scandal, was delayed for at least one week as the presiding judge stepped aside from the case on Monday. [NYT] (Also see The Daily News.)

Chereece Bell, A city child welfare supervisor charged in connection with the death of an emaciated 4-year-old, said she told her bosses three months before the child’s death that the social worker assigned to her case could not handle his workload and should be transferred. [The Wall Street Journal] (Also see The Daily News.)

Police officers said Monday that the shooting death of Corey McGriff, or DJ Megatron, on Staten Island on Sunday appeared to have taken place while Mr. McGriff was trying to buy marijuana. [New York Post] (Also see The Daily News.)

Housing & Economy

It should not take a lawyer to know that it is illegal to use phrases like “no Chicanos,” “no blacks” or “not for handicapped” in a real estate listing. But at some real estate firms, brokers are forewarned not to include in listings, or even mention in conversation, phrases that even the most prejudiced New York landlords would be hard pressed to think up, like “Appalachian, no” or “Hungarian, no.” They also are cautioned never, under any circumstances, to call a home a “fisherman’s retreat.” Christine Haughney catalogs some of the unexpected words prohibited by “fair housing lists” in the Appraisal column. [NYT]

Despite mounting criticism from lawmakers, and without advance notice, state utility officials are expected to vote Tuesday on whether to save a proposed $850 million project that would carry electricity into Manhattan from New Jersey. [NYT]

People & Neighborhoods

Christopher Ely, one of New York’s premier butlers who worked for Brooke Astor for decades and became a high-profile witness for the prosecution in the trial that followed her death, will soon begin teaching weeklong classes at the French Culinary Institute. The classes will include tricks from a lifetime as a butler, for example that meat tenderizer is great for removing blood stains from fine raiment. [NYT]

The lawyers for Brooke Astor’s son and for a lawyer who did estate planning for her filed a lengthy appeal to their convictions on Monday. [NYT]

Phyllis Shelton, Elizabeth Taylor’s former film double, took the news of her death last week harder than most people. [NYT] Now Ms. Shelton, who refuses to divulge her age — she is, in fact, a few years younger than Ms. Taylor — lives in a former gristmill in Flanders, N.J., and is a longtime sales agent for Weichert Realtors.

Snake Watch 2011

The case of the missing venomous snake in the Bronx Zoo has yielded much interest, many press inquiries and even a fake Twitter feed or two. [NYT] What it has not yielded is the snake, a 20-inch female Egyptian cobra born a few months ago. On Monday, otherwise known as Day 4 of the cobra hunt, zoo officials put out a statement cautioning that they may not find the adolescent cobra for days, perhaps weeks. (Also see The Daily News and The New York Post.)

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A ‘Snake’s Game’ of Hide-and-Seek

The case of the missing venomous snake in the Bronx Zoo has yielded much interest, many press inquiries and even a fake Twitter feed. What it has not yielded is the missing snake.

On Monday, otherwise known as Day 4 of the cobra hunt, officials at the Bronx Zoo put out a statement cautioning that they may not find the adolescent Egyptian cobra for days, and perhaps even weeks.

“We understand the interest in this story and that everyone wants us to find the missing snake,” James J. Breheny, the zoo’s director, said in the statement. “Right now, it’s the snake’s game. At this point, it’s just like fishing; you put the hook in the water and wait. Our best strategy is patience, allowing her time to come out of hiding.”

Zoo officials said they were confident that the snake was somewhere inside the Reptile House, which was closed immediately after the snake had gone missing on Friday.

“The difficulty is that the 20-inch, pencil-thin snake, which is months old and weighs less than three ounces, has sought out a secure hiding spot within the Reptile House,” Mr. Breheny said. “The holding areas of the Reptile House are extremely complex environments with pumps, motors and other mechanical systems. In this complex environment, she will likely remain in hiding and not move until she feels completely secure. As her comfort level rises, she will begin to move around the building to seek food and water.”

Mr. Breheny added that considering the expected timetable for finding the cobra, daily updates should not be expected.

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