Your Most Puzzling Real Estate Questions

“Getting Started,” an occasional column in the Real Estate section, helps newcomers and longtime residents alike crack the code of the New York real estate market.

In this week’s column, Jim Rendon looks at renting in New York and the mountain of paperwork that the city’s landlords require of prospective tenants.

Now we want to hear from you, readers. What confuses, annoys or baffles you about renting, buying or selling in New York? Suggest a topic in the comments below that you’d like us to address in a future column.

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For Hasidim, First Call for Help Often Isn’t to 911

The call from the missing boy’s mother came in at 6:14 p.m. on Monday, not to the city’s 911 hot line or to the local police precinct, the 66th, but to a gritty tire repair shop on a desolate stretch of Wallabout Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The mother reported that her son, Leiby Kletzky, 8, of Borough Park, had failed to return from day camp.

Members of the Brooklyn Shomrim, whose unarmed volunteers help patrol the borough’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, were dispatched, and the search was on.

“The word went out like lightning — we were running against the clock,” said Sam Rosenberg, 56, who runs the Brooklyn Shomrim communications center in the bustling Marcy Tires shop with his brother Mendy, 51. For the past 32 years, the Rosenbergs, who are Hasidic Jews, have handled the phone calls between fixing flats.

After Leiby’s disappearance, the brothers received a barrage of tips. They also helped marshal hundreds of civilians to look for Leiby, who the police say was murdered by Levi Aron, 35, a supply-store clerk from Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood.

The Shomrim helped spot Mr. Aron’s gold car and, about 2 a.m. Wednesday, gave its license plate information to detectives who had just identified Mr. Aron as their suspect after following up on surveillance video from Monday that showed him with Leiby and visiting a dentist office. The police arrested him 40 minutes later and found parts of Leiby’s body in Mr. Aron’s refrigerator-freezer.

In the roughly 32 hours before Mr. Aron’s arrest, Shomrim members flooded Borough Park, on foot and in cars. They helped maintain order, first as the area erupted in a panicky search and later during the funeral procession.

Word spread rapidly to the hundreds of Shomrim members in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Flatbush. It reached beyond Brooklyn, to other Hasidic areas in the Northeast. Offers to help look for the boy poured in.

“They came from as far as Monsey, Monroe, Lakewood, N.J., Passaic, Lawrence,” Sam Rosenberg said. “There were people here from Boston.”

Sam Rosenberg, his hands and mechanic’s outfit smeared with grease, said the flood of calls was so overwhelming, they began forwarding some to a command center the Shomrim had set up in Borough Park.

The Rosenbergs say they usually field about 100 calls a day and then dispatch responders by radio. Their small booth has several phones, a two-way radio and phone lists posted for volunteer patrol and rescue groups from Long Island to Montreal. Tire sizes and prices are usually spoken in Yiddish, and many signs are in Hebrew.

Many residents in Hasidic areas in Brooklyn opt for the Shomrim hot line over 911, as Leiby’s mother did on Monday. On Thursday, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly noted that “there was about a two- or two-and-a-half-hour gap between the notification to Shomrim and the notification to the Police Department.”

He said that a delay in notifying the police was a “longstanding issue with Shomrim” and that traditionally, “certain members of the community have confidence in Shomrim and go to them first.”

Mr. Kelly did praise the Shomrim as a positive force and said that in this case, the delay apparently did not hamper the investigation.

“We have no problem with Shomrim being notified, but obviously we’d like to be notified at the same time,” he said.

The Rosenbergs have often claimed that the Shomrim responds faster than the police, and that their members have the advantage of speaking Yiddish, the primary language in the Hasidic areas. The brothers say they and the patrolers know their territory like a spider knows its web, and with a flurry of phone calls, they can have local residents blocking streets to trap suspects.

They attribute the low crime rates in Hasidic areas like Borough Park partly to Shomrim patrolers, who work on foot or often two to a vehicle that may be equipped with a radio and a siren. The patrols also often carry walkie-talkies.

Sam Rosenberg said that many children who are reported lost are nearly always found quickly. Shomrim officials sometimes begin the searches themselves, partly to avoid bothering the police unnecessarily.

“We get 10 calls a day for lost children — you can’t hit a panic button every time,” he said. “We know exactly where to search. We search the yeshivas and the buses and work swiftly.”

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Extended Distance Movers Guidebook

5. Make confident you get rid of pillows, blankets, sheets and bedspreads from all beds. Pack them into marked boxes.

6. If you materialize to have any large items such as cribs, exercise products, trampolines, swing, and so forth., make convinced each and every is disassembled.

seven. If you have a lawn mower make guaranteed you drain the fuel from it. Pack all items from your garage such as hoses, instruments, cabinets, shovels, rakes, and so on.

eight, Make confident all of your appliances are disconnected.

9. Mark the names of just about every of your new home’s rooms so the movers can match them with the boxes. The movers will then be capable to simply set the correct boxes in the right space.

If you are fatigued of hearing horror stories from associates and family members who didn’t hire specialists, take into account Professionals to do the transfer and possibly the packing and storage for you also (if have to have be).

Relocating out of the metropolis is different from doing a move just across the street. Commonly moving firms fee extended distance moves by fat and seeing that your move is mostly primarily based on scales, you can both cut back or approach wisely for your prolonged distance move with no breaking the wallet.

Transferring providers weigh their trucks prior to very long distance move. This is to establish the truck’s fat without having your belongings in them. They really should furnish you with a copy of this beforehand. Weighing in are usually carried out within just the moving company’s facilities.

The normal troubles which flip up in the course of extensive distance moves are extra fees. These factors can get out of hand if not controlled early on. It is crucial to familiarize on your own with your new place weeks just before you do the real transfer and get to know the region far more including city restrictions, roads and constructing codes. To do this, anticipate where by the truck will most possible generate by, wherever it will park and how the movers will produce your belongings to your new house. Recall the golden rule to relocating: further movers’ work suggests added service fees. This will incorporate stairs, elevators and shifting of trucks.

Premiums may well vary tremendously from a single transferring provider to another so it is finest to pick a transferring provider that gives a acceptable price simply because if the price is as well lower, you are not assured of a good quality shifting services.

Extended distance moves let pounds flexibility. You can both give away or promote your extra things to reduce back again on your relocating expenses. Holding a garage sale prior to your transfer will also supply you with more dollars you can use for other stuff.

How to opt for your movers

How is your Vancouver mover’s BBB file? Do they even have a single? Are they members? You can check out both way, Vancouver movers that are members or not can have complaints towards them. While the movers are not usually essentially totally accountable as there can be other elements, a absence of grievances or quite number of is typically a incredibly superior indication.

For more information about van lines visit Shifting in the Winter.

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Very best Way to Use A Commercial Mortgage Broker

The function of the commercial mortgage broker in the United kingdom has significantly transformed not long ago, largely simply because the marketplace is thriving. There are a lot more industrial properties becoming marketed and re- mortgaged every single month than at any other time in current history. This progress in the commercial mortgage sector is being fueled by lower interest charges and beautiful rental yields across a very broad spectrum of house kinds.

One particular of the very first issues a commercial mortgage broker will want to create is no matter whether the house in query is for owner occupation or for investment. This is because the methods of underwriting the two different types of property are very different.

When obtaining a commercial residence for proprietor occupation the applicant will need to generate all the typical supporting documentation these as accounts, company program and ensures. There are options to self-certify the affordability for acommercial mortgage but the disproportionately higher curiosity rates can indicate that this need to be the previous alternative. It is simply because of these variations in pricing between a entire-standing and a self cert commercial mortgage that utilizing a commercial mortgage broker has turn into so crucial.

If the property is getting mortgaged for investment reasons then 1 of the most critical aspects when assessing the application will be the power of the rental market place locally. This is a key consideration because it is the rental earnings which will dictate the dimension of the commercial mortgage in relation to the obtain price tag, this is known as the Loan to Appeal (LTV).

As opposed to the residential industry wherever calculating the rental incomes for a house is really simple, calculating the potential rental revenue for a commercial or semi-business property is significantly more complicated. This is simply because of the variety of distinct types of industrial home, for example a the potential earnings for a retail unit on a higher road will usually be considerably simpler to perform out than a 1-of-a-type warehouse on an industrial estate. Semi-business mortgages are also problematic by the duel use facet, normally the principal complication would be some thing like a flat above a quickly food outlet.

As soon as the broker has identified the form of borrower they are dealing with they will then strategy a suitable loan company. When a industrial financial institution is asked to consider an software for a acquire to allow commercial mortgage they will obviously consider the credit background of the applicant, but also the rental earnings for the home and additionally the desire for the subject property. It should be remembered that commercial leases are really different to residential ones. Residential acquire to let leases are acknowledged as Assured Short-maintain tenancies (AST’s). These are nicely documented and supported in law. Business leases call for significantly more believed.

The most evident distinction is that a industrial get to allow property will generally be allow out for among 3 and six years with the tenant generally getting responsible for the upkeep of the building. Obtaining substantially lengthier leases is one of the sights of industrial purchase to allow house, however the downside is that when empty it can consider several months to locate a new tenant.

In a best world the commercial mortgage broker would be in a position to area every industrial investment software with a bank or developing society. This is simply because they offer the most aggressive costs and favorable arrangement charges of all the industrial loan companies. The down side is that banking institutions and building societies tend to be a lot more cautious and will consider all programs quite meticulously. The LTV’s supplied by banking institutions for commercial buy to allow mortgages are inclined toclose to seventy five% with prices as low as.nine% over financial institution base.

The other alternative is to use a specialist commercial house financial institution, though a lot more adaptable these lenders are significantly more pricey. LTV’s can be as high as 85% but the rates can effortlessly creep into double figures, these lenders also charge high arrangement charges and early redemption costs. The specialist business lenders will normally only deal with a commercial mortgage broker and not the borrower.

commercial mortgage

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Holographic displays can be used in many business sectors

Thinking of ways to make your business stand out from competitors or how to illustrate important points to clients has always been challenging- that is, until holographic projectors came onto the scene. These days, more businesses are looking to ways of incorporating the use of holographic displays into their advertising and other aspects of their public profile.

So what business sectors can holograms be used in? If you are unsure whether holographic displays will benefit your business, now is the time to start reassessing how you represent your business in the public eye.

At an exhibition event, usually one of your main aims is to stand out from other competition and attract either potential business clients or new employees. Regardless of what your intention is, using a holographic projector will help you achieve your aims as having a 3D image scanned out, floating in space is sure to make a strong, lasting impression on those passing by.

This idea may also work well for those industries where an element of creativity may be required to envisage a finished product or an experiment for example. Take the world of architecture for instance. Using a projector to help clients see how the finished product might look may save costs in the long run as they can see the design in 3D. If needed, changes can then be made there and then.In addition, when new products are being designed, having the potential to show other people what the finished product may look like can be very beneficial.

Another sector in which a projector may prove useful is in a theatre or museum setting. If a historical battle needs to be simulating, or perhaps school children want a more realistic way of seeing how their ancient relatives may have lived, having holographic images in front of their eyes can only help matters.

The Article is written by providing Holographic Displays and 3d Displays. Visit for more information on Products and Services___________________________Copyright information This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links and this copyright statement must be included. Visit for more services!

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Restaurant Marketing Research Using Mystery Diners

Copyright (c) 2011 Baz Rothwell

When it comes to finding out how your venue stacks up against the opposition nearby a mystery diner is your best bet. By using a mystery shopper, you will get an unbiased view from a customer perspective.

If a customer has a complaint, he will not tell you what your venue does well. So the benefit of using a mystery shopper is clear, they will let you know what they like and what they don’t like. You will also receive a analytical view, in other words, a customer making a complaint, will be emotionally involved which leads to an exaggerated response.

Knowing this information, both the good and bad things will help you with your restaurant strategy.

Let’s take it from the top and look at how a customer reacts in a typical example. What does a customer want when he walks through the door?

Well, he’s probably hungry (unless it’s feeding time, and he’s just going through the motions) so he wants timely service. He wants to be noticed and looked after. He wants to be relatively comfortable. He expects cleanliness. He needs good service, to show he’s valued. He wants his food at the right temperature. He wants the meal he orders to be value for money.

Start off on the wrong foot and your customer is on the lookout for anything that will compound his negative view. For example, if, when he enters your restaurant, he expects to be greeted and seated, but isn’t, then he will be edgy. In his mind he will be on red alert for other ‘problems’. Even if your waiter/waitress greets him pleasantly, he will still be on ‘high alert mode’. Hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, he will leave in an OK frame of mind. However, there are still 3 problems with this.

1) You didn’t know there was a problem to start with, so you would not be able to put it right. 2) Next time he wants to visit your establishment, the issue is going to pop in his head. Now, he may still enter your venue, or he may turn away and go elsewhere. 3) There is also the possibility, the ‘incident’ (which is what it could be in his mind) comes up in conversation, therefore giving you negative word of mouth.

Bear in mind, we are all human beings, we have our feelings and expectations. We are also quite fickle, everyone has little things they hate. You have, I have and your customers’ have.

It is your business to make the dining experience of your customers run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

So use a mystery dining specialist, so they can pinpoint those irritating little details, so that you can iron them out. They will also identify what you are doing well, giving you an opportunity to praise your hard working staff. So go ahead and take some action, so that you can improve your service levels. Your customers deserve it.


You must have restaurant marketing strategy to plan your restaurants growth. For a free 5 part e-course of marketing strategies go to

For a typical mystery shopper questionnaire for your restaurant business contact Baz through or email him

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The Guilty Pleasure of a Drive Through Central Park

“Go through the park,” Dudley Moore slurs to his chauffeur in the 1981 film “Arthur,” his character giddy and drunk and in need of simple and profound pleasure. “You know how I love the park.”

I’ve always felt the same way: Driving through Central Park is one of the true guilty pleasures of living and driving in New York City.

Say you find yourself slogging up Avenue of the Americas, which ends — as well it should, that confounded, car-congested corridor — at 59th Street, the southern border of Central Park.

If it’s between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on a weekday, you’re in luck: Drive right in, and you are beamed, “Star Trek”-style, from the doldrums of Midtown traffic into a bucolic, meandering, charming thoroughfare of trees and lawns and lakes.

Pull into the curving entrance lane, and suddenly you are in the hush of the park, gliding beneath a verdant canopy of tree boughs, far from Manhattan’s maddening grid of vehicular frustration.

Under a proposal supported by five neighboring community boards and some City Council members introduced earlier this year, the winding north-south roads of Central Park would be closed to traffic during the summer. The Bloomberg administration has not expressed support for the plan. Still, I figure, enjoy it while you can.

As a reporter who covers stories all over the city and suburbs, I often need a car. When heading uptown from the paper’s newsroom in Midtown, I regularly find myself using the park drives.

Celebrating the act of driving through Central Park for pure enjoyment is a fraught endeavor. Few things infuriate park users more than having cars intrude on their park, and who can blame them? Allowing cars there seems antithetical to the idea of keeping the park a refuge of calm in a city otherwise inundated with rumbling engines and lurching vehicles.

So, along with this paean to park driving, I offer this disclaimer: from the standpoint of safety and sanity, maybe they are right. But putting that aside for the moment, let it be said that driving in the park, as a purely aesthetic experience, is wonderful.

Make sure you roll down the window as you slip along the traffic-free lanes. The wind whooshes in, the park tumbles by, the hectic city falls away. At red lights, you get overtaken by clip-clopping horses pulling hansom cabs. You are most likely on a shortcut to another part of town, but for a change, you are suddenly in no hurry. I usually drive as slowly as traffic allows.

Park drives are open to cars on a limited schedule, with the most accessible section — open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. — being the short stretch from the entrance at Avenue of the Americas and 59th Street, to an exit at East 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

The West Drive, from 110th Street down to 59th Street and Seventh Avenue, is open weekdays from 8 to 10 a.m., as is the drive that crosses the park at 72nd Street. The East Drive, from 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue up to the exit at 110th Street, is open on weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m.

While driving in the park this week, I jumped out and approached a minivan full of adolescent girls in softball uniforms. Their coach, Mark Mickens, of Butler, N.J., said they were headed to play a game in the park but were appreciating the scenery and the park’s history.

Mohamed Ashraf, 30, a cab driver from Astoria, Queens, said he used the park as a shortcut up to 20 times a day, and hoped he could continue to do so.

Then I pulled alongside a bicyclist, who did not mince words blasting me, my car and our ilk.

“You got plenty of room in the rest of the city,” he said, pedaling away.

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In One Place: Store, Cafe and Hangout

Neighborhood Joint

A series of articles profiling favorite local haunts.
What’s your neighborhood joint?

On summer evenings, a tree-lined strip of Dyckman Street — a main thoroughfare in Inwood, near Manhattan’s northern prow — becomes a giant block party. Crowds from several splashy bars spill onto the sidewalk, clutching beers and cigarettes as they chatter loudly and peck away on their smartphones.

Yet there, in the middle of all the ruckus, is a quiet spot to sip tea, play chess and savor the pleasures of a gentler era. The name says it all: Nostylgia.

Selling style, reminiscence and an anything-goes eclecticism, the place seems to change throughout the day, from cafe to general store to clothing boutique and, particularly at night, all-purpose hangout. Though most of its customers are young and fashion conscious, the shop enshrines the old and quirky.

Read the full article ».

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Cat Generators Are Among The Most Trusted In The Industry For Reliable Backup Power

There are a number of generators that you can choose for your emergency backup power. However, not many of them can compare to the quality and durability of Cat generators. Caterpillar is a brand that has been trusted in the power industry for many years. They have established themselves as one of the top brands in the world for reliability when it comes to emergency backup power. When you are experiencing a blackout, you want to know that your power generator is going to perform as you need it to. Cat generators perform perfectly every time and give you one less worry when it comes to dealing with power issues.

Depco is a proud provider is Caterpillar generators. We offer this brand because we believe in its reliability and durability. We understand that emergency power is crucial to keeping your business operating during power failure. For those in the medical industry, lack of emergency power could mean critical issues for patients who are dependent on medical equipment to stay alive. Those in the data industry know that loss of power could mean a complete loss of critical files. Depco understands the need for reliable backup power. This is why we trust Cat generators to provide the quality that you need during these critical times.

We offer both used and new Caterpillar generators and guarantee that the products you choose will work perfectly. All of our generators are put through very strict testing procedures to ensure that they perform perfectly. If at any time a generator fails a test, it is serviced until it can provide you with the reliable backup power that you need. If you need an emergency power generator, we can help you to choose the perfect product for your specific business requirements. Cat generators perform perfectly every time and power a number of buildings today. They are among the most trusted of all backup generator brands.

Depco offers a wide range of generator sets and parts both new and used. If you simply need replacement parts to repair your existing system, we can help you with that as well. Our real time inventory allows you to see what specific products are available at all times. When you are relying on a generator to provide you with emergency backup power, you want to ensure that the product you choose is reliable. Depco can provide you with generators that will perform to your needs every time you use them.

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Why Businesses Trust Depco For Reliable Used Diesel Generators

Having backup power during blackouts is critical for many businesses. Knowing that you have a reliable source of power will alleviate the worry of impending weather and other conditions that can cause traditional electricity to fail. This is why Depco offers a number of quality generators, to ensure that you have emergency power whenever you need it. If you are searching for an affordable power source, used diesel generators are a good choice. Diesel is a much cleaner product than natural gas and diesel generators are considered to be much more efficient than other power sources.

We can provide you with a used diesel generator that give you the backup power that you need in an emergency. All of the generators that we sell at Depco are tested to ensure their reliability. We put every generator through a rigorous series of tests and if they fail any portion of these tests, they are serviced until they work perfectly. This ensures that you can count on your backup power source working when you need it most. It is also one of the reasons that Depco is the preferred provider of emergency power sources. We can provide you with a reliable diesel generator that burns cleaner than gas and that will last your business for many years.

Diesel generators offer a number of benefits over natural gas. They are much cleaner and because they have fewer parts they offer a lower level of maintenance. They are a good choice for back up power for a number of industries. We can provide you with a full generator set or parts to repair your existing generator. We offer a full real time inventory that allows you to see what specific products are available and if you are unsure of the generator that you need, we can help you to select the right product for your business. In addition to diesel generators, we offer natural gas generators and a number of marine engines, all from trusted names such as Caterpillar and Cummins.

Having a source for emergency power is critical in many business settings today. If your business powers certain patient equipment or data systems, having backup power that you can rely on is essential. Depco can provide you with the emergency generator system that will best suit your business needs. Feel free to browse our site for more information or contact us at Depco today.

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