After Brooklyn Boy’s Murder, Father of Etan Patz Has a Suggestion

Stanley Patz has been conditioned to expect his telephone to ring whenever a child goes missing, so he was bracing when he heard about the disappearance of an 8-year-old boy, Leiby Kletzky, last week in Brooklyn.

Yet this time, Mr. Patz, whose 6-year-old son, Etan, vanished off a Manhattan street in 1979, responded with an idea to help head off more kidnappings. After brooding over Leiby’s murder for a few days, Mr. Patz wondered, why not put a basic, emergency cellphone in the hands of every child? At the press of a button, children who are lost or in danger could dial 911, Mr. Patz reasoned.

And, if the phones had global-positioning chips in them, they could help authorities track a child’s whereabouts.

Perhaps, he added, it would be known as a “Leiby phone.”

“This little boy, even though he had rehearsed the route with his mother, he didn’t make the correct turn, then he realized he was lost and had to ask for directions,” Mr. Patz. “If he had this cellphone on his person, he could have called his mother.”

He thinks it would be feasible for cellphone manufacturers and service providers to make simple, potentially life-saving phones available free, possibly as part of family calling plans, he said in an interview on Saturday.

Mr. Patz conceded that he had not discussed his idea with anybody in the telephone business and had no estimate of what his plan might cost.

The concept of a stripped-down phone intended as a lifeline for young children has been tried before. Firefly Mobile, an eight-year-old company, has been marketing basic phones for children for several years. For a while, its products were available through Cingular Wireless, a provider that was acquired by AT&T, but they were not free. Representatives of Firefly and AT&T could not be reached over the weekend for comment.

But for his part, Mr. Patz was gripped by the belief that there was a way that modern technology could reduce the chances that more parents would suffer the way that he and the Kletzkys have.

“Every time a kid goes missing, reporters often call me up and say, ‘What’s your reaction?’ This time, I have a legitimate reaction,” Mr. Patz said.

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When Subways Weren’t Sardine Cans

In a City Room post accompanying his article about the rise in weekend subway ridership, Michael M. Grynbaum asked readers to recount their memories of the city subway system of the 1970s and 1980s, when riders had plenty of leg room on weekends, but had to contend with plenty of problems, too. Below, some of the more interesting reader responses, edited for style and space.

I have a vivid memory of running full speed back and forth on the “GG” train with my cousin. We’d swing wildly from pole to pole and pull ourselves up on the old metal straps. We were always filthy by the end of the ride, but it is definitely a fond place to revisit whenever I’m on a weekend sardine can.
— BrooklynBoy426

I was returning to my home in Queens late on a Saturday night in the mid-70s from one of the Schaefer Music Festivals in Central Park. I was on a Jamaica El train and my friends had already gotten off. I was alone in the car but for one other man who was sleeping (!) at the other end. A couple guys came into the car between stations, did a quick scan, and came over to me. I feared the worst, but instead they asked if I wanted to help them “take out” the sleeping guy! I demurred, and they moved on to the next car. I had tried to dress tough and perfect a “don’t mess” look, but until then didn’t know if it worked. It did.
— jamestl

In 1971, four teenage young men approached me in an otherwise deserted subway station. I was headed West to meet friends in northern California, where we were going to climb Mount Shasta. I had my backpacking gear and ice ax with me. When I unclipped the ice ax from the backpack, the young men decided to climb the stairs, and I continued on to California and never went back.
— Knick

I miss dirty ol’ NY. It may have been more dangerous, but there was also much more room to breathe, and although some may find this counter-intuitive, it was a much friendlier place as well. Street manners were far better, too. The subways may be cleaner, but they are much more crowded, uncomfortably so. Rising fares coupled with service cuts, in the face of growing ridership, punishes riders for using the system.
— Ellen

My biggest memory from the empty weekend subways of the 1970s was having an automatic pistol stuck between my eyes by a guy sitting on my chest and being relieved of all my money at 5:30 in the afternoon.
— Gerry

Like most Chinese immigrants, my parents worked long hours in the garment factories. In order to see them for more than an hour or so a day, my brother (2 years older), my sister (2 years younger) and I would ride the subway by ourselves on many Saturday mornings. I was 8 years old. We never sat because we played the game “How Long Can You Stand Without Holding Onto Anything” or we would ride in the first car, looking out the front, watching the light from the train dance off the tunnel walls and beams. It was safe. No one ever bothered us. We grew up self-reliant and responsible because it was the only thing we knew.
— minnie5200

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Alterations In Home Lighting

How we light out residences has adjusted significantly about the years but the theme has been one particular of constant boost in use and efficiency. Right here are some of the important advances in modern-day lights.George Kovacs Kitchen Lighting

Pre-electrical – Prior to the advent of the light bulb most homes used non-electric source this kind of as candles, oil lamps or gasoline lamps. This sort of resources had quite a few negatives these kinds of as restricted light, noxious fumes, and an
Pre-electric – Prior to the advent of the light bulb most properties used non-electrical source this sort of as candles, oil lamps or gas lamps. This kind of resources had quite a few negatives these as restricted light, noxious fumes, and an increased risk of fire. Despite these issues fuel lamps found use very well into the era of electrical energy and candles continue to be utilised for ambiance in many homes.

Early Electric – Whether Edison invented the light bulb is disputable but he undoubtedly had the finances and acumen to effectively industry it. All through the late 19th and early 20th centuries contemporary lighting continued to be a luxury. However, elevated accessibility to electricity rapidly permitted the incandescent bulb to uncover its way into numerous households. It was applied increasingly to light not only a single gathering place but all rooms in the home and by the conclusion of the Depression was just about common. The incandescent bulb remained the dominant source of home lighting for most of the 20th century. Nonetheless, other bulbs have challenged its dominance.

Halogen – The halogen bulb, initial released in the 1960’s, is a much more compact, brighter implies of present day lights. In the beginning used for industrial purposes the halogen bulb located its way into the property as a usually means of spot lighting. As track lighting and recessed lights grew to become much more common so did halogen bulbs as they are additional able of fitting into these little spaces. The huge volume of heat provided off by halogen although has led some to move away from its use.

Fluorescent – Fluorescent lighting has really been additional popular overall in the 20th century than incandescent simply because of its use in industrial and industrial spaces. Not too long ago, nevertheless, fluorescent lights in the home has greater. With an enhanced existence span and greater electricity efficiency than regular bulbs shoppers have been drawn by their charge-effectiveness, even though numerous claim that the light output is significantly less appealing than the incandescents of older.

LED – Light Emitting Diodes are comparatively new to home lighting. Although colored LEDs have been accessible for decades white light LEDs have only arrive onto the marketplace not too long ago. Due to their modest dimensions and high effectiveness they are good replacements for the halogen lights earlier utilised in spot lights. Furthermore, LEDs are currently being developed to suit in typical bulb sockets even though presently their charge would make them not likely to swap other lighting in the near long run

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Singapore Sales- A Singapore Festival

This articles talks about how Singapore sales turn out to be a festive season for the people living out there.

In general, Singapore sales are well known as the Great Singapore Sales also abbreviated as GSS. Singapore sales is just like one of the greatest festivals of Singapore which has a great affection for people and a lot of people are involved in these Singapore sales. All the top rated brands and companies are setup in these Singapore sales and have the maximum sales of the year in these Singapore sales. Clothing and handicraft department has a huge and a large scope in this sale because Singapore is a tourist place and when someone visits Singapore and decides to shop he will always start with clothing option which he will find in wide variety of range in Singapore sales.

Women like shopping, especially when something is put up for sale. For women in Singapore who waits for the festivals to arrive then they do not have to wait because Singapore sales are just like a festival where you can enjoy everything. If we start with clothing, brands like Gucci, Versace, and Armani and so on, all the clothing brands are available in Singapore sales. All these private brands put up their brand stores in the sale till 12 in the midnight and might even extend if the sales are good. You will find a wide variety of clothing option in Singapore sales. Singapores traditional wears are also available in the Singapore sales because as we just said that Singapore sales are just like festivals in Singapore.

During the period of Singapore sales many stores in the sales are rented to different brand owner to show up their stock and make sure they sale them and give some amount of profit to the owner who organized the Singapore sales. Generally these singapore sales are organized by Singapore tourism companies because they have worldwide customers who come in their tourism facility to Singapore and hope that the tourism company provides them to shoe them a good shopping option which is Singapore sales. Tourists will have a great time enjoying the festival also called Singapore sales because of huge range of different facilities in Singapore sales. There is much more you can find out about Singapore sales if you go over internet and make some research.

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