Big Ticket | Sold for $17,070,000

A three-apartment penthouse combination that sold for $17.07 million in the Laureate on the Upper West Side was the most expensive sale of the week, according to city records.

“The buyer needed a large, elegant and well-appointed home, complimented by the Laureate’s long list of amenities and services,” said Shlomi Reuveni, who is leading the sales team at the building for Brown Harris Stevens Select.

With 7,000 square feet and a floor plan that could allow for as many as 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, there ought to be enough space.

As with nearly every sale in the Laureate, which has logged the week’s priciest sale four other times since November, the apartment was purchased anonymously through a limited liability company. Mr. Reuveni declined to discuss details of the deal.

The building, which was designed by James S. Davidson and his firm, SLCE Architects, echoes the elegance of the prewar apartment houses that line Broadway. By offering oversize apartments at a time when homes with more than four bedrooms are in great demand, the Stahl Organization, the developer, has tapped into what is now the strongest segment of the city’s real estate market. There are just a handful of unsold apartments at the building, including a penthouse priced at $22 million.

Big Ticket covers closed sales from the previous week, ending Wednesday.

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