The Benefits Of Staffing Insurance

Do you own a business? Is that business part of the staffing industry in any way? If so, your company likely faces some unique risks on daily basis. You may be looking for some insurance to protect your company against such risks, but you are wondering if a basic business insurance policy will be enough. The staffing industry is a unique part of the economy, and as such, it deals with unique challenges. That’s why it’s so important for businesses in the staffing industry to obtain more extensive coverage with staffing insurance. This type of insurance is designed specifically for the risks associated with the staffing industry, and it can be very beneficial in the event of any damages caused to your company.

Staffing insurance was created specifically for the businesses and individuals who work in the staffing industry. It takes into account the unique challenges and situations faced by such employees on a daily basis. For example, one of the major benefits of this type of insurance is the protection it offers against fraud. Members of the staffing industry often deal with sensitive information such as bank account numbers, addresses, and social security numbers. If this information is ever mishandled, whether by accident or as a result of employee dishonesty, there are many potential damages that can occur. Staffing insurance can cover the cost of repairing such damages in the event of fraud, and it can even help with the legal fees if the problem is more serious. To protect your business, consider learning more about this specific type of insurance today. Click here for more information.

Why Do Self-Insurance For Workers Compensation?

If you are considering doing self-insurance for your workers compensation coverage there are a few things you need to consider. By self-insuring your company is taking on all of the financial risk of workers compensation insurance and providing the benefits to your employees. What this means in financial terms is that instead of paying a set premium to an insurance company you are paying each workers compensation claim out of pocket.
Before you make the final decision to do self-insurance for your workers compensation coverage, consider why you are doing it. Many employers make the decision to self-insure because they want more control over the costs. It also gives them more control so their employees are treated in a timely manner and given the care they require.
You will also want to look at the number of workers compensation claims that your company usually incurs. If you should choose to self-insure you will likely also want to have some kind of risk management in place as well. This can be either in-house or outsourced to a third party. Having risk management in place could help to lower the number of claims that are made.
Deciding to do self-insurance for your workers compensation coverage is a big step and something you may want to discuss with an insurance agent. There are things you can do that will protect your company from a catastrophic claim putting your company in financial jeopardy. Visit our website to get more info on this subject.

Venus Rising From the Sidewalk

Dear Diary,

At about 5:30 on a Wednesday afternoon a young woman, naked from the waist up, walked north on Third Avenue as I was walking south. She was quite composed and appeared unconcerned.

The reaction seemed minimal as I walked in her wake; no one followed her, no one stopped dead in his or her tracks. As I walked, a young man in front of the running store near 72nd Street beckoned to his friend to come out. Near Gracious Home another guy said, “That’s indecent exposure!” Otherwise all was calm until I got to the corner of 70th Street and waited for the light to change next to a group of 30ish young women. They were in fits of laughter and shock. One said to me, “We just saw—-”

“I saw her, too,” I said, very happy to share this and laugh with them. One of the women, a visiting Californian and the most outraged, said, “In California they walk around in little string bikini tops, but there’s nothing like that!”

Embarrassed for our city and afraid that she’d go home and report that New Yorkers walk around bare-breasted, I assured her that this was not an everyday thing in New York and that, after a lifetime here, this was my first topless woman on the street. I’m not sure she believed me.

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