Insurance Designed to Meet the Needs of Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers Insurance San FranciscoWhen it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all. Individual types of industries require specialized types of coverage to meet their unique needs. Specifically, food manufacturing businesses work in a unique environment that exposes them to a variety of risks. Risks involve everything from injury to employees operating dangerous equipment to contamination of products and food borne illnesses. To protect against devastating loss as a result of these risks, businesses in the industry need food manufacturers insurance in San Francisco.

Insurance Designed for the Food Manufacturing Industry

While every comprehensive food manufacturers insurance in San Francisco policy should include full Business, Auto, Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage, there are several additional enhancements that can offer further protection. Some of these include coverage for:

  • Food Spoilage
  • Product Recall
  • Selling Price
  • Refrigerated Property
  • Utility Interruption
  • Food Borne Illness
  • Food Contamination

Eliminate Risks

Moreover, businesses within the food manufacturing industry need to analyze risks within their company to prevent loss from occurring in the first place. Qualified insurance companies can provide valuable risk management services as a first line of defense. In addition, insurance coverage to provide for a broad range of employee benefits can be included to protect the employees that keep a business running. For businesses that work within the food manufacturing industry, finding an insurance company that can provide the unique coverage that they need is vital for full protection against devastating loss.

“Delaware’s Regulatory Pick-Pockets”

Last month, Delmarva Power’s (Delmarva) Delaware utility customers learned that the “surcharge” they must pay each month to subsidize Bloom Energy, Inc.’s (Bloom) ongoing fuel cell project was increasing from an average 67 cents-per-month to $4.37 in November alone.

This “surcharge” is the result of a crony deal between Governor Jack Markell, the Delaware Public Service Commission (DPSC), and Delmarva to modify the Delaware Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act (REPSA), picking the pockets of Delmarva ratepayers and delivering millions of their dollars straight to Bloom.

Bloom’s sweetheart deal came down this way.  In October, 2011, Delmarva received approval from the DPSC to surcharge ratepayers’ electric bills and subsidize two generating stations and a fuel-cell factory in Newark, run by Bloom. Bloom, a California company, said that it would use Delmarva’s customers’ money to finance its factory and create 900 jobs manufacturing natural gas-powered fuel cells. Bloom also promised to install 30 megawatts of “Bloom Boxes” in the state.

The government then modified REPSA to establish a system of discriminatory eligibility requirements, subsidies, and energy-portfolio standards multipliers, all designed to benefit Bloom by denying out-of-state companies equal competitive footing, burdening interstate commerce, and increasing the costs for Delmarva ratepayers, who  might otherwise benefit from fair competition and an open market.

Bloom has quickly pocketed millions.  Yet, to date, the company’s promise of 900 jobs has proven to be empty.  In exchange for massive payments by Delaware consumers, it has created only a reported 50 jobs.

Last June, my organization, Cause of Action, a government accountability group, filed a lawsuit challenging this backdoor deal. The suit seeks to overturn certain provisions of REPSA for unconstitutionally undermining the competitive market and forcing Delaware utility customers to pick up the tab.  We filed this suit on behalf of one of the many unsatisfied Delaware ratepayers subject to this special surcharge-subsidy, and an out-of-state fuel cell manufacturer whose competitive place in the clean energy market was thwarted by the Public Service Commission’s scheme to prop up Bloom at the expense of its own citizens.

Renewable energy competition means lower prices and better customer service.  But, by denying out-of-state companies the level playing field that they are entitled to under the law, Gov. Markell and the DPSC elevated the interests of a corporate crony over those of Delaware’s citizens and ratepayers.  Delaware utility payers now must pay for a surcharge that can rise rapidly without warning, oversight or explanation.  So the next time Delmarva customers pay their monthly utility bill with the Bloom surcharge, they should ask why their government “rigged the game” to prevent fair competition, and who, exactly, their government serves.

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What does Business Insurance typically cover?

Business Insurance Clifton New JerseyFor business owners large and small, there are many expenses and startup costs involved in operating a business. While business insurance in Clifton New Jersey may seem like an unnecessary or unmanageable expense in the first stages of owning a business, the payoff can be enormous if the coverage is needed. Just like buying insurance for a car or a home, it is hard to predict the events that may occur in the future. Insurance may never be needed, but in the cases in which it is used, it can save business owners a lot of money, time, and even their reputation. There are a range of coverage options available with business insurance in Clifton New Jersey. Depending on the type of business you own, you may want to consider speaking to an agent about some of the following coverage options.

What coverage is Available?

Business insurance coverage covers a spectrum of business types. Some of the business most common businesses insured include:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale

While these four are some of the most common, other business types can also gain coverage. Coverage policies can be custom made to fit the needs and desires you have for your company. Common coverage options include:

  • Crime and Tampering
  • General Liability
  • Fire, flood, and other natural disasters
  • Online Liability
  • Builders Risk
  • Business Automotive
  • Employer Practices Liability
  • Errors and Omissions Liability and more

Whatever your company’s needs for insurance coverage, an agent offering business insurance in Clifton New Jersey can help you create your own custom plan.

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Newark Data Center Not a Choice Between Jobs and Environment

            The proposed new Data Center in Newark has the potential to create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs with its billion dollar investment.  Some have suggested the power plant to be built to support the power hungry center might harm the environment.  We take issue with that argument.


           Please follow the link below to a powerful video from Jim Black, the Founder of the Partnership for Sustainability in Delaware. He has also served as Chair of the Executive Committee for the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club and as a lobbyist for the Clean Air Council.  I would only add two comments to Jim’s remarks in answer to critic’s suggestion the Data Center purchase power from the regional electric grid:


  • About half the power reaching Delaware from the grid comes from coal fire power plants which generate twice the carbon dioxide and more pollutants than the planned state-of-the-art natural gas generator in Newark
  • Since much of our power comes from generation facilities in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia we average about an 11% transmission line loss.  That means we burn an extra pound of fuel for every nine pounds of fuel producing useful electricity.  With a power plant on the Data Center site there will be essentially no transmission line loss.  In fact, it is environmentalist pushing hardest the idea of distributed generation, power made where it will be used.    


Dave Stevenson

Director, Center for Energy Competitiveness

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Caesar Rodney’s Birthday

October 7 marked the 285th anniversary of the birth of Caesar Rodney, the great patriot who as Delawareans know courageously traveled from Dover to Philadelphia on July 1, right as the vote for independence at the Continental Congress Convention.

Ironically, while Delaware was the First State to ratify the Constitution, Delaware was the second to last state of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Articles of Confederation. In October 1778 Caesar Rodney, having been elected president of the state following the capture of Dr. John McKinley in the Delaware river, appeared before the Delaware General Assembly and laid out the Articles of Confederation for ratification. However, the General Assembly was in no hurry to ratify in no small part due to the strong Tory sentiment in Sussex County. In addition the General Assembly, charged with making sure Delaware had adequate representation in the new Continental Congress, saw months go by without having a representative attend sessions. This was at minimum due to the fact that the General Assembly often balked at paying the delegates’ expenses.

President Rodney became frustrated with the General Assembly’s lack of interest in presiding over its business. In a letter to his friend and fellow Kent County politician John Dickinson (who lived in Philadelphia at this time)  that he had “rejoiced” when that two members of the House left early “and thereby dissolved the House”. He followed up by saying “I don’t like to make use of harsh expressions relative to these gentlemen’s conduct-but wish more heartily they had a deeper sense of their Duty.”1

From this letter and historical documents from Delaware’s General Assembly in the late 1770s we see that Caesar Rodney, having risked his life to ride up to Philadelphia to cast Delaware’s deciding vote for Independence two years earlier, was frustrated that local politicians did not share his sense of urgency in regards to supporting the War for Independence.  Caesar Rodney was a man who did not wait for things to be done. He would not have fit into today’s Congress because he would have been adamant that issues get resolved as quickly as possible. For Caesar Rodney’s boldness in doing what needed to be done when it needed to, we at the Caesar Rodney Institute salute him.

Sam Friedman

Communications Director

Caesar Rodney Institute

1. Hoffecker, Carol E. Democracy in Delaware: The Story of the First State’s General Assembly p. 49-50. Cedar Tree Books; Wilmington, 2004.

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Coverage For IT Specialists

e&o insuranceWith technology advancing at an exponential rate, the competition for IT specialists is more cutthroat than ever. Those who can effectively design cyber-security, be a whiz with accounting software and network a large net of machines are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. The pressure of standing head and shoulders above the rest can either bring out the best in competition, or cause one to buckle and take shortcuts. Mistakes can and will happen, regardless of how good one thinks they might be at riding the crest of the digital wave. The wave moves incredibly fast, so getting E&O insurance is an absolute must for anyone in a position of digitally protecting a business, network or crunching some incorrect numbers.



Better Safe Than Sorry


While the computer industry will not commonly lead to the bodily injury of anyone or allow for direct property damage, a miniscule mistake could cost a client an exorbitant amount of money or even his or her entire business. If the mistake is found to have been the fault of the IT specialist due to negligence, ineffective or obsolete code when the product was stated to have been state-of-the-art, there will likely be a long, expensive, financially painful lawsuit on the horizon. E&O insurance will cover some of the cost of defending against any claims and go towards paying anything awarded to the plaintiff.