Why Insurance Agencies Need a Social Media Presence

Insurance Social MediaThe internet is the most powerful marketing platform in the history of mankind, and in the past decade, social media outlets have become a mandatory part of a company’s branding, community outreach, and marketing efforts. A marketing director at midsized company such as an insurance agency or a software company would be foolish to ignore that evolution in business practices. An insurance social media presence is absolutely essential for various reasons.

Creating a Global Presence

Social media sites are a simple way to communicate with customers globally. A Facebook or Twitter post entered in Seattle can be read in Tallahassee and Timbuktu in seconds thanks to internet technology. That ability has to the potential to radically change the scope of a business, finding markets and customers in new places in different nations. So when a firm embarks on a new venture, branching out into marine insurance for example, search engine optimized posts will be found more rapidly by people interested in the topic.

Establishing a Relationship

People surfing the internet and looking for insurance will naturally navigate to insurance social media sites for information about their services. This can greatly benefit you if you take a few specific steps:

  • Have back links to your website
  • Have regular blog posts
  • Use social media to be informative about your services

In addition, because social media sites offer a chance for reader input, a two way dialogue can ensue. This creates a sense of ownership for the customer, which can only benefit that insurance company or software firm in the long run.