9 Key Coverages in Business Insurance Paterson New Jersey Construction Trades

Business Insurance Paterson New JerseyYou have a lot on the line in the construction industry and you rely on your business insurance Paterson New Jersey agents to know all there is to know about risk management. With capital tied up in multiple major projects underway simultaneously, as well as a lot of workers who rely on the company for a paycheck and a safe working environment, and a large inventory of valuable equipment, from tools to vehicles, your investment in your company demands thorough knowledge of what can go wrong and how to be sure the problem doesn’t stop the project from proceeding to conclusion. The agency you choose for commercial liability coverage has to be as thorough and hardworking as your crew and has to know all that you need to know about your insurance on all levels.


Special Risks Demand Special Coverage


In the planning stages of the project, the individual insurance and bond needs for that particular endeavor must be reassessed and confirmed at an early stage. In the construction and development industry there are at least 9 specialized commercial insurance lines that can save a lot of stress when they are in place in your business:


1. Builders Risk

2. Business Automobile Policy

3. Equipment Failure Coverage

4. Business Interruption Plan

5. Business Owner Policy

6. Pollution Environmental Impact Insurance

7. Umbrella Policy

8. Surety Bonds

9. Workers Compensation Insurance


With the confidence of full protection behind you, your company is free to focus on its core mission and accomplish goals of creating a safe and secure worksite for your team to accomplish its critical construction work. There is no substitute for strong business insurance Paterson New Jersey agency relationship to cover your risk management needs.