Special Guest Post: Support efforts for breast cancer awareness

This is a guest post from Mary Sandra Marie, Marketing Coordinator with the Regency Shop based in Los Angeles. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness CRI is posting this guest post. CRI is not being paid to post this nor are we affiliated in any way with the Regency Shop. If you are interested in bidding on these items to raise money for breast cancer awareness you may choose to visit the links below.

Here is How Regency Shop Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors.
October is the official breast cancer awareness month, and whether individual or business, everyone is coming up with creative and innovative ideas to support the social cause. Regency Shop, renowned modern furniture retailer has organized charity auction to financially support breast cancer research and encourage breast cancer survivors.
The furniture retailer has decided to provide beautiful custom designed chair while encouraging people to contribute to an important social cause. Regency Shop has been participating in the movement with three thematic auctions. Participates will get a chance to show their support for breast cancer survivors, and an opportunity to win one-of-a-kind stylish lounge chairs.
According to recent studies, one in every eight American women has chances to develop invasive breast cancer, and the count is expected to increase tremendously. You can generate awareness about the disease and be there for millions of women by taking part in Regency Shop’s exclusive auction during breast cancer awareness month, from 1st Oct to 30 Oct, 2014.
The charity auction organized at Regency Shop is not mere a contest. It’s more like you becoming October’s special hero by supporting a global cause, and support the event. It is indeed the best way to showcase your care for breast cancer survivors and bring a positive change to the world.
Regency Shop is auctioning three magnificent eero aarnio ball chair, hanging bubble chair and barcelona chair. All these three chairs are 100% custom designed and pink as pink is the signature color used in breast cancer awareness campaigns.
For auction listings visit:
Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Barcelona Chair

Hanging Bubble Chair

Mary Sandra Marie

Marketing Coordinator, Regency Shop

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Dr. Casscells special: The Ebola epidemic

There is a lot of misunderstanding around the recent Ebola outbreak. There is reason to feel safe from the disease based upon its prevalence or density in our population.

There is also good reason to be concerned about the disease and act proactively, due to the extremely high death rate associated with the Ebola virus. It kills approximately 70% of those infected and is nearly impossible to treat large populations of people. In these cases of historically dangerous epidemics, the rate at which the disease can spread is critical, which is directly related to the degree of mobility in the worldwide population, now far greater than at any previous time.
It is about the travel. In ancient times ships returning from far away places were required to lay at anchor for at least a few weeks before being allowed to dock and disembark, quarantine. When polio and tuberculosis were epidemic we isolated those populations in sanatoriums or for immigrants at Ellis Island in New York where if they were found sick they were sent home. These are tried and true methods of slowing disease spread until we can develop better treatments, cures, or vaccines.
People have died from Ebola in every country in Africa, and most in Europe so there is a very high likelihood that we here in the US will encounter the disease soon enough. In a few months we may be able to produce more experimental medication but it would be completely outside of usual deliberate FDA protocols. Training all hospital workers and emergency personnel or others likely to come in contact with the Ebola victims is essential. Gowning and gloving and masking are important, but degowning (taking off the hospital gown properly), unmasking, and degloving are far more important. All of the recent cases have been traced to poor technique degowning. While watching a CDC  official do a television demonstration of this last week, I saw three separate errors degowning. They do it the way medical personnel on an isolation floor do it, not the way we do it the Operating room. Learn the latter technique, not former. Handling the waste and corpse is critical. They must be incinerated.
Any way you look at it 21 days of quarantine is essential to halting the epidemic.
Director of Health Policy Division
Caesar Rodney Institute

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