Get the Right Coverage from Insurance Companies in Hartford CT

Many clients who work with insurance companies in Hartford CT contact their agents with “getting insurance” in mind rather than managing their risk. Some common mistakes that happen because of this perspective are:


  • Insufficient coverage – a car owner chooses the least expensive policy, but finds that after a car crash, there is not enough cash to cover the deductible.
  • Wrong coverage – a homeowner is robbed and the expensive wine cellar is raided. After the fact, the owner discovers that such high net-worth assets are not covered in standard policies.
  • Excess liability – a business owner purchases standard liability protection, but loses a lawsuit with extraordinary damages attached.


These are just some of the problems that can happen when a client gets a certain type of insurance but does not design the policy in the proper way.


Getting Proper Coverage


Sometimes, the only way a person can really learn about insurance is by trial and error. Unfortunately, this can be a costly strategy. Some get a little more education by listening to war stories from their friends. Some even break down and read a book. Although this can prepare a person, it can be a lot of unnecessary work. Agents at insurance companies in Hartford CT are trained to handle all sorts of situations. In many ways, they have “seen it all.” Clients can work with their agents to make sure they do not suffer the kinds of problems described above.