Expand Your Insurance Business by Serving Specialty Markets

Insurance is a competitive industry, especially for independent agents and other small businesses trying to attain prominence in local markets. Despite the growing number of niches for policy products, competition from direct sales online can complicate your already heated marketplace. One way to keep your customers coming back, though, is to offer policies that go beyond the one-size-fits-all automatic quotes available online. Policies that really reflect a customer’s specific needs for coverage.

General Insurance Offerings

This is where working with a general insurance company like Aegis, who offers a variety of niche products, comes in handy. By working with an Aegis MGA to provide new coverage to clients whose needs can not be met in other markets, you can attract new customers while continuing to upsell your existing clients as their insurance needs evolve. Niche policies from Aegis cover items like:

  • Manufactured homes (including mobile and modular)
  • Unoccupied dwelling insurance
  • Motorcycles and travel trailers
  • Supplemental GAP group medical coverage

In addition to adding these new features to your list of offerings, you can also begin offering new and specialized forms of coverage for homeowners whose needs include shifting between seasonal dwellings, rental properties, and more.

New Products, Competitive Prices

The best part about offering general insurance coverage is that there are constantly new offerings being innovated. Unlike the one-size-fits-all markets, which have tended to stabilize due to their broad audience and consolidation by direct insurers, general insurance markets are constantly growing as new assets and new ways of managing risk for those assets emerge in the marketplace. Contact and Aegis MGA today to find out more about how your agency can benefit from offering general insurance products to specialty markets.