Tavern Insurance Defends Your Business Against Liability Claims

Bars and taverns have a number of liability exposures. In an environment where alcohol is so liberally distributed, accidents are bound to occur. While there is no way to prevent your business from encountering liability claims, there is a way to protect it: tavern insurance.

Multiple Forms of Protection

People file claims against bars for a variety of reasons:

  • Personal injury
  • Food poisoning
  • Battery
  • Sexual assault or harassment
  • Liquor-related injuries

There is no telling why a patron may choose to file a claim against your business. This is why it is important for you to have a comprehensive insurance policy. There are several forms of protection available to you, and you can acquire the appropriate degree of coverage for your business by speaking to an insurance agency.

Important Types of Coverage

Tavern insurance includes several types of coverage. One important aspect of your policy is liquor liability insurance, which protects your business in the event customers file claims due to alcohol-related accidents or injuries. Another essential form of coverage is assault and battery insurance. Bars and taverns are no strangers to violence or belligerent customers, and this insurance offers protection when violent situations lead to property damage or injury. There are several other forms of coverage. By working with an insurance company, you can craft the right policy for your business.

Drinking establishments are vulnerable to liability claims, but insurance provides them with protection. Keep your business safe and acquire tavern insurance.