Finding the Right Insurance for Your Boat

Boat-building is a world-wide pastime and occupation for a wide variety of water-lovers. However, with the fun and pleasure of creating water vehicles comes the important need for security and protection. You should not operate your business without the proper insurance. Before constructing your next yacht, consider investigating a pleasure boat insurance program that’s right for you.

What to Look for in Recreational Marine Insurance

Because you work hard to build your boats well, you deserve insurance coverage that keeps you and your customers as safe as possible. You need a pleasure boat insurance program that provides hands-on support from real humans and boat enthusiasts who will help you through crises and losses while working to prevent damages. How much you pay for your insurance will depend on the amount you would need to have covered in the case of a complete loss. In order to protect your boat building business, it would be wise to seek out the best coverage for all potential risks.

Protect Your Valuables

Your boat building business deserves insurance that responds to your specific needs. Find the right pleasure boat insurance program to help you understand the risks of the industry and the coverage required. Maintain protection on your work during the building and launching phases and make sure your business property, such as buildings, docks and piers, is covered as well.

Keeping Your Business Afloat With Manufacturing Insurance

As the owner of a company that depends largely on machines, having manufacturing insurance is essential to your success. In the event that your equipment malfunctions or ceases to work, this unique type of insurance can prevent your business from stalling. As with all machines, there is always the possibility of improper functioning, but purchasing a reliable policy can help you avoid much of the stress when it does occur. Here are some of the finer points of a comprehensive insurance plan.

What Does It Cover?

Manufacturing insurance provides physical damage coverage for your machinery. Machines, like any other technological innovation, are subject to the wear and tear associated with time. Even the highest quality machine has its lifespan, and no one wants their business to suffer in the event of a breakdown. With this insurance policy, you will be able to pay for repairs or replacements without breaking the bank.

The Coverage You Need

Insurance covers a wide variety of mechanical errors and malfunctions. Some of these include:

  • Power surges
  • Short circuits
  • Motor breakdown
  • Operator errors

Todays machines are constructed from a multitude of fragile parts, increasing the need for manufacturing insurance. These parts can also be unreliable and cheaply assembled. There is no way to predict when your machine will stop working, but you can rely on your insurance plan to help keep your business in operation.

Cover Your Establishment With Bar and Tavern Insurance

If you own a bar or tavern, you probably understand the hazards and liabilities of owning such an establishment. Your business attracts a wide variety of people for karaoke night and the big game and you want to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident with bar and tavern insurance. If you find a claim has been brought against you, you’ll have the financial resources to help your business survive.

Typical Coverage Components

Bar and tavern insurance plans can cover a host of bar elements like food service and the valet. However, typical policies often include the following coverage:

  • Assault and battery
  • Products and completed operations
  • General liability
  • Excess liability
  • Liquor liability

The above are considered standard coverage for this niche market. Some agencies also offer risk management services to help these establishments diminish exposure and deliver better service overall. Alcohol, food and violent incidents are standard claims within the context of a bar or tavern. Quality insurance agencies and agents will be fully prepared to help you navigate such claims effectively.

Bar and tavern insurance are necessary if you plan to have an operational and safe establishment. You can’t predict when an accident is going to happen, but you can prepare for it with quality coverage.

Business Insurance Options to Fit Your Needs

Keeping your business protected from top to bottom, so you can focus on important day-to-day operations, is of the utmost importance. The right coverage will protect your assets, your employees, and everything in between. Risk management is essential when it comes to operating a successful business. Some business coverage options include:

  • General liability
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial auto
  • Cyber liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • EPLI
  • Directors and Officers Liability

BOP Insurance

Each business faces different needs, which is why creating a plan that suits the specific needs of your business can be more beneficial than your standard coverage options. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines multiple coverage options into one convenient package. It can also provide more benefits than a typical policy while also potentially providing savings. A customized BOP that combines property, commercial general liability, and additional coverage that fits the needs of your business is advantageous. Here are some coverage options to consider:

  • Property insurance
  • Crime insurance
  • Onsite equipment insurance
  • Coverage for loss of inventory
  • Business income insurance
  • Premises liability coverage
  • Premises medical coverage

As you can see, there are a multitude of options when it comes to keeping your business protected, which is why it’s important to go over your options with an insurance agent you can trust. Don’t hold back when it comes to covering your assets, choose a policy that safeguards every aspect of your business.

What Your Insurance Agency Does for You

The advertisements make it sound so easy. Just go online, submit your information and get an insurance quote. The insurance industry isn’t really quite so simple. It’s actually very complex. You do not need the same insurance package as your neighbor, even though your homes may be quite similar. Your mortgages may be different. Their cars might be completely paid off. You may be twenty years younger or older. When you work with Aegis General Insurance Agency, our agents customize your insurance policy to fit your needs instead of fitting you into the same box as thousands of others. Here are some of the ways your agent saves money for you:

  • Finding discounts on your insurance
  • Obtaining the best insurance portfolio at the best rates
  • Identifying your risks and offering suggestions on how to mitigate your damages
  • Teaching you about insurance for future purchases
  • Helping you feel safe about your future
  • Protecting your interests, both professionally and personally

Here at Aegis General Insurance Agency, we understand that you are different from your neighbor. Your goals are important to your insurance requirements. Get specialized service from your insurance agent and have a better handle on your future. Get the peace of mind that your finances and family are protected now and as you go forward. Experience the difference when you get personalized attention from your insurance agency.