General Liability Insurance Is Not Enough

Are you an independent architect in Pennsylvania? For architects, liability insurance in Pennsylvania is an essential business expense that will protect you and your career. While your expertise is generally regarded as sound, mistakes do happen. Yet, are you aware that having general liability insurance will not cover negligence or malpractice? Only professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, will cover any mistakes you may make in your work.

Ideally, you should be insured before any lawsuits arise. However, if you already are in legal hot water it is not too late to become insured. You will need to find an agency that offers prior acts coverage, which will assist you in any current claims you may have received while underinsured. It is never too late to salvage your business, even when the situation seems dire.

Investigate your policy to see if it offers you the kinds of benefits you need. Architects’ liability insurance in Pennsylvania can be confusing and complicated. However, there are many agencies standing by to help you navigate the process. Don’t get caught without coverage because you cannot afford to pay a malpractice lawsuit out of pocket. It will not only ruin your business financially, will also run the risk of tarnishing your professional reputation. Consult with a professional liability insurer before taking your next client.