The Importance of Assault & Battery Insurance for Nightclubs

While nightclubs are a popular form of entertainment and many associate them with positive moments, they can quickly turn into unruly and violent sites. As a nightclub owner, you can be responsible for actions by both your clients and employees in these situations, and extensive lawsuits can result in lost profits and even the end of your business. By adding an assault and battery plan to your insurance for nightclubs, you can protect yourself against financial ruin.

Why You Need Client Coverage?

When a fight or larger brawl breaks out, you can be held accountable for any harm done to anyone involved. You can be sued by individuals who started the fight as a result of alcohol and by individuals who were harmed by others. Additionally, you can be responsible for violence that occurs offsite as a result of intoxication. The cost in these suits can quickly add up.

Why You Need Employee Coverage?

Often your security team and bouncers may need to intervene in unruly or unsafe behavior. However, these events can leave them open to allegations of assault. While they likely felt it necessary to intervene to prevent greater harm, they can still be sued, incurring extensive legal costs. Your establishment can also be held accountable resulting in additional lost funds.

Nightclubs can be centers for both real violence and the allegation of violence, and this can result in significant legal fees. However, assault and battery insurance for nightclubs can help you prevent these losses and keep your business running.