Why Great Website Design Should be a Priority

If you represent an insurance agency or work as an MGA, it is paramount to remain competitive in the changing insurance industry. These days, increased business is often dependent on the strength of your insurance website design. How effectively you communicate with customers via your website can have a big impact on your success. Here are a few ways that a great web design can help you stay competitive:

  • Accessible Design

Your website design, when catered to potential customer’s needs, helps create a positive experience for the site visitor. Positive experiences contribute to their overall impression of you, and you’re more likely to be on their radar if your information is accessible and intuitively located.

  • Mobile Availability

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly popular, and with that comes certain expectations that websites will accommodate mobile needs. Let your insurance website design reflect that your services will be available to customers wherever they are.

  • New Content

Integrating a constant flow of content on your insurance site piques your customers’ interest and keeps you up on the search rankings. Making content a priority will insure continued traffic and business opportunities.

To sum up, your website is your chance to improve your insurance business’s likelihood of success. Look into hiring professional design specialists for your insurance site today.

Why it’s Important to Invest in Nightclub Liability Insurance

Nightclubs are very popular establishments. When things are going great, business is booming, crowds are attending in record numbers and alcohol sales are through the roof. However, there is a downside that nightclub owners should be aware of. Nightclub businesses are also risky investments because there is a greater potential for loss and expensive liability claims. One of the best ways for nightclub owners to protect themselves is with a good nightclub liability insurance policy.

Protect Your Club Against the Unexpected

Bar fights can break out at any time, a member of your staff may accidentally overserve an inebriated guest or a situation can occur in or around your club that results in innocent people getting hurt. These are all events that victims can sue nightclub owners for. Even if a club owner is not found legally liable, imagine the amount of money and time that is needed to successfully defend their name and business. Protection against litigation is one of many great reasons owners should have nightclub liability insurance.

Choosing a good insurer is just as important as choosing the right policy. Carefully screen potential insurers to see how well they measure up against others. Don’t let the lure of cheaper premiums derail you from getting the right level of coverage you need from an insurer that actively caters to its members.

Top Benefits of Product Liability Coverage

Working in the manufacturing industry has plenty of risks. Therefore, you probably already have an excellent grasp of what types of insurance coverage you need to keep yourself safe while taking care of your daily operations. Product liability cover is perhaps the most important aspect of your business’s insurance and helps to keep you financially safe after your products leave your factory and enter into the wide world. This coverage option provides you with security in a number of important ways, such as:

  • They provide you with an important, comprehensive risk management plan that takes into account all aspects of your operations to reduce the risk of releasing a faulty product.
  • In the event that a faulty product does happen to make its way out of your manufacturing plant, these services will typically offer financial assistance when it comes to making recalls and getting the warning out to consumers who may have purchased the product.
  • If a recall comes too late and someone has already been harmed or become ill due to your product, these services help provide you with assistance regarding defense costs and other litigation expenses.

Keeping up with the many risks associated with running a manufacturing business can be tough. That’s why product liability cover is there to have your back, and protect you, your business and your employees in the event that a mistake is made.

Benefits of Carnets Online

Almost every industry has options for managing business online. If you’re using an ATA carnet for transporting goods through foreign countries, applying for carnets online makes it much easier to upload information and register goods to manage your shipping and exports. The benefits of a carnet include:

  • Simplification of customs procedures – one document for multiple countries
  • No surprises when your goods arrive in a foreign country because arrangements are made in advance
  • Reduces costs and taxes to exporters by eliminating VAT, duties and a security that must be posted before importing
  • The carnet acts as the U.S. Customs registration form
  • Carnets are valid for up to one year
  • Partial shipments and split shipments can be managed through the carnet

Carnets online cover all types of commercial merchandise, from electronics to ordinary goods to rare pieces of art and even live animals. It’s easy to apply and set up your carnet through the online portal when you have the information you need. You’ll need to have a list of goods, the representatives that will be handling the goods, and where the shipment is traveling. You’ll need to show insurance and pay the fees for the carnet before it can be issued. It’s also recommended that you have a power of attorney if you’re obtaining a carnet for a customer. We can help you get the right documentation to make importing and exporting goods much easier.

Reviewing Your Commercial Property Liability Insurance

Make a New Year’s resolution to review your Orlando, FL, commercial property liability insurance next year to ensure it meets all the needs of your business. Have all of the deductibles and coinsurance evaluated to make sure you can cover your part of the expenses. If your business has grown or shrunk, you may want to adjust coverage to make sure you are protected and aren’t paying too much or too little.

As your business increases services, you may need more coverage or different insurance policies to protect intellectual property, customer’s sensitive data, and higher priced equipment. If there’s a fire or another disaster, you want to make sure you can rebuild and replace your current needs, not that of a year ago. If you’ve made upgrades to safety and security, it can affect the cost of your insurance. And your insurance agent can help you make improvements to reduce your risks.

Your agent can help you understand what’s covered and what isn’t when you talk to someone about your Orlando, FL, commercial property liability insurance. Discuss your current business aspects and needs and have your old policy on hand to know what holes you have in your coverage. Then you can make adjustments and pay for what you want to be protected against.

Overcoming Business Liabilities

Nightclubs and bars are exciting business ventures. However, they are also risky ones because of potential liability issues that can occur from the sale and distribution of alcohol. Even with careful screening and monitoring processes in place, the one thing that business owners can’t control is how their patrons will react after having one or several drinks. Nightclub and bar owners who want to minimize their potential losses and increase their protection should invest in insurance for clubs.

Risk Assessment Is Important

Owners should carefully assess their businesses and their needs to ensure they get the right coverage. In many cases, it is necessary for them to work with an agent from a reputable agency to ensure that all loopholes are covered. There are several types of coverage available. They include:

  • General liability
  • Assault and battery
  • Liquor liability
  • And more

Knowing the type and amount of coverage that is needed can be challenging. Not only do business owners need to consider their current liability needs, but they should also plan for their future ones. Depending on how busy their establishments are and their level of acumen, they may need to work with a consultant.

There are so many unpredictable factors in play for nightclub and bar owners. Careful planning, the right type of insurance for clubs, rules and staff are necessary their businesses to succeed in the long run.

Restaurant Insurance Serves Protection

The restaurant industry can be a profitable field, but it also has many different types of loss and liability exposure. The key to preserving your investment in a restaurant business venture is to make sure that you are fully protected with business insurance. Myers insurance agency understands the unique needs of the restaurant business and can make sure that you have protection in the following areas.


If there is a fire in the kitchen or a backup in a drain that causes flooding, your property coverage will get your restaurant back on its feet again by repairing or rebuilding the property structure.

Worker’s Compensation

The restaurant profession is very physical and fraught with risks for employee injury. Workers compensation insurance is a mandatory coverage to make sure your employees get treated for cuts, burns, sprains, and strains.

General Liability

The unseen risk of food contamination is a major liability for a restaurant. In addition, alcohol liability protection is necessary if you serve alcoholic beverages. Patrons that slip and fall are another reason to carry adequate liability insurance.

Auto and Umbrella

If your business caters or delivers food, the vehicles involved need to be fully covered for both damage and liability. Umbrella coverage can provide your business for extra protection in any of the above risk categories.

Your restaurant has its best chance of success when it is fully insured. Myers insurance agency can help you get coverage for all of the specialized risks of a restaurant business.

3 Types of Insurance You’ll Need for Your Used Car

So you’ve finally gotten your hands on a new car – well, new to you, at least. Buying a used car is a financially sound decision and one that many drivers have been making in more recent years more frequently. However, in order to get moving legally, you’ll need to check into used car dealer insurance. Whether it’s insurance that you’re getting through your dealer or you choose to go elsewhere for your coverage needs, there are a few key coverage options you’ll need to look out for to ensure you’re able to face the many threats of the road with confidence.

  1. Liability Insurance: This is always the most basic coverage you’ll require to drive legally. This particular coverage pays for damage done to other cars in the event that you happen to cause an accident.
  2. Medical Payments Coverage: In the event that you or someone else is injured during the accident, this coverage option has your back. Your used car dealer insurance will help out with expensive medical bills.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage is for threats that occur when your car is parked and you’re not on the move. Theft and fires are only a couple of these potential threats that this insurance option protects you from.

Use these three types of used car dealer insurance to ensure that you and your ride are financially safe and sound on the road ahead, regardless of your next destination.