Umbrella Liability Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agency insurance packages should include an Umbrella Liability policy to protect agencies in the event that other coverage falls short. An Umbrella policy provides additional coverages and limits of liability over other underlying policies including but not limited to auto policies, Professional Liability, General Liability and Employment Practices Liability coverage. If other policies reach their limits and additional coverage is needed, Umbrella Liability steps in. You may think of umbrella policies as a kind of safeguard that pick up where other liability coverage leaves off. Many clients, in fact, require that staffing agencies carry such coverage.

What Is Covered?

Umbrella Liability policies generally include increased coverages and limits of liability over any underlying policies. These underlying policies can include:

  • General Liability coverage
  • Professional Liability coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability coverage
  • Commercial Auto Liability coverage

What Else Is Included?

Plans may include Casualty Business Crisis Expense coverage. This covers:

  • Major accidents
  • Multiple injuries and deaths
  • Burns
  • Dismemberment
  • Traumatic brain injury

In the event of a major accident, staffing agencies should carry Umbrella Liability Insurance. As with all coverage, we may hope that we never have to use it, but when we do, it’s a necessity. Any staffing agency insurance plan should include appropriate Umbrella Liability Insurance.