Are Nurses Insurable?

In this day and age, you can barely make it through a commercial break on TV without hearing a lawyer advertise his or her services. The medical world is especially vulnerable to lawsuits, and rightly so, as these are people that are dealing with other peoples’ lives. However, things sometimes go wrong in the world of health care that is no one’s fault. It’s a difficult thing for some people to accept, especially when a loved one was injured or died unexpectedly. The survivors want someone to be responsible. Doctors always seem to have teams of lawyers working for them, but some may not know that there is malpractice insurance for nurses as well.

At the very beginning of nursing school, students are taught the weight of the responsibility they will hold when they’re licensed. Many students brush it off, thinking how could anyone be so distracted that he or she would give a wrong medication? However, when they start working twelve hour shifts and fatigue sets in, they’re getting pulled in a hundred different directions and have a million things left to do, they begin to realize just how easy it is to make a mistake. Some patients will accuse a nurse of doing something wrong just because he or she is angry or scared and wants to take it out on someone. Lawyers are often trying to sue health care workers for malpractice, so having malpractice insurance for nurses is just as important as having it for doctors.