Why Your Business Needs Cargo Insurance

As the owner of a transportation business that utilizes trucks to haul cargo domestically, you know that every time one of your drivers hits the road with a truck fully loaded with goods, you assume a lot of risk. Here’s why you should get cargo insurance in Texas.

Cargo insurance protects your assets and covers your liability for cargo that gets lost, damaged or stolen on the haul due to things like fire or collision. The financial loss due to unforeseen events could be devastating. Whether you are hauling your own goods or are transporting freight for someone else, it is important for you to have adequate coverage. A comprehensive cargo insurance package should also provide protection for property, equipment breakdown, liability, worker’s compensation, physical damage and pollution liability. Your risk as the owner of a business in the transportation industry is a lot higher than that of a conventional brick-and-mortar business and becomes riskier the more time you or one of your drivers spend on the road. Being under-insured or not insured at all could prove itself to be catastrophic for your business.

With cargo insurance, you can protect your property, employees, assets, and property of others. Bear in mind though that cargo insurance is not only for truckers, everyone who runs a transportation business should get cargo insurance in Texas.