3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Teeth

Aliso Viejo Dentist

As any Aliso Viejo dentist would tell you, chowing down on a tough steak or a crunchy salad is a lot easier with strong, healthy teeth. Not to mention, a bright and beautiful smile can be a real confidence booster. Thank your teeth for all they do by following these tips to protect them from harm.

Cut Down on Sugar

Sugary food fuels the bacteria in your mouth, causing them to create acids which eat away at your tooth enamel. Limit your sugar intake to give your mouth a chance to repair the damage.

Stay Away From Nicotine

The nicotine in cigarettes and related drugs narrows your blood vessels and restricts blood flow to various parts of your body, including your gums. The lack of oxygen and nutrients increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Smoking can also discolor your teeth and give you bad breath.

Always Brush

Brushing your teeth clears away the day’s buildup of food and bacteria, so don’t skimp on this important routine. Brush twice a day, and don’t forget to clean your tongue.

Looking after your teeth is a matter of a few simple habits. In addition to everyday care, make sure to schedule regular appointments with your Aliso Viejo dentist to make sure your oral health is on track.