4 Types of Insurance Every Vegan Food Manufacturer Needs

insurance for vegan food manufacturers

Something can always go wrong in any business, but it’s up to you to make sure your business doesn’t suffer. It’s crucial that you invest in specific insurance for vegan food manufacturers to cover all your bases and protect yourself from financial hardship. Here are four types of insurance your company must have.

1. General Liability

General liability covers bodily injury and property damage at your place of business. This include slips, falls and damaged personal possessions.

2. Product Liability

This type covers claims when customers become ill or injured after consuming your products. Costs associated with medical treatment, lost wages and personal inconvenience are all included.

3. Spoilage and Contamination

If your supplies are rotten or become contaminated during manufacturing, insurance can prevent severe financial hardship when you need to discard spoiled food, clean equipment and restock supplies.

4. Commercial Auto

Auto insurance protects your products, vehicle and drivers while being transported to customers. It also covers costs when your driver collides with another vehicle or structure and causes damage. Theft, fire and glass replacement can be added for extra coverage.

Check Your Plan

If you’re not sure what your current plan entails, talk to your provider about insurance for vegan food manufacturers. Make sure you have enough protection for your specific business needs.