5 Questions Before you Print and Send Those Invitations

Okay so you now have a good invitation ready for printing. Now, before you actually mass produce those prints, you might want to first check them. It is important to be sure about the design and the content that you will be using for your color invitations. You have only one big chance for a great first impression with your invitations, so you should always do your best here.

Listed down below are the five major questions that you should ask yourself about your custom color invitations. These will help you judge if your invitations have the right configuration, design and content to be effective at actually encouraging people to go to your event or respond to your message.

1. Is the template compatible with your distribution method? Some people actually forget that those templates sometimes might not fit the distribution method they have chosen. This results in invitations being distributed “as is” without any special covering. This is of course not ideal as typically the invitations will look informal, dirty and untrustworthy. That is why it is crucial for you to choose your invitation templates according to your chosen distribution method.

2. Are all the details and content accurate? Next you should of course check if the details or content of your invitations are accurate. You dont want people going to the wrong location or going to the location at the wrong time. That isnt good for your reputation of course. So make sure that you double check or even triple check your content to make sure it is accurate. Have other colleagues check your content to be extra sure. This is key to a good and professional color invitation of course.

3. Are the instructions to respond visible? It is important to also check if the instructions to respond are clear and visible in your full color invitation. Many people focus on the invitation content itself and forget the instructions actually on how to respond or “RSVP”. So check those instructions in your own invitation prints. Make sure that all methods are clear for response and of course that they appear immediately after the main invitation. The clearer they are the better.

4. Do you have that extra “convincing power”? Now here is a more advanced kind of question that you should ask about your invitations. Does it have that extra convincing power? Instead of just telling people to go to that event, do your invitations have that special content that gets people excited about going?

It can be a simple statement that tells people they will miss something great, or it can be a detail about the specialness or exclusivity of the event. Whatever the case, your invitations should always have that convincing power to make sure that people are really drawn in to respond to those invitations.

5. Have you set the most ideal printing materials? Finally, in your invitation printing options, you should make sure that you have set the most ideal materials for use in printing. The higher the quality the materials the better off your invitations. People will get more excited and of course will trust your full color invitations more if they see that they are printed in more expensive high quality paper. So make sure that you review your options and make sure that they are ideal for your kind of invitation.

Great! Now, remember all these questions and of course ask them the next time you print your invitations. Your invitation prints should be more suited for their job once you ask these checking questions.

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