A Soaking to Talk About

Ladies, gentlemen and children, fold your umbrellas for a moment and take a bow. You have just lived through the fifth-rainiest May day in the modern history of New York and the rainiest day since Tropical Storm Irene battered the city two summers ago, according to the weather historian Steve Fybish.

Exactly 3.02 inches of rain has fallen in Central Park so far today, the National Weather Service said. According to Mr. Fybish’s extremely detailed records, this figure was last surpassed on Aug. 28, 2011, when Hurricane Irene brought 3.99 inches.

In the May rain category, Mr. Fybish said, Wednesday has been surpassed by only May 29, 1968 (3.99 inches); May 7, 1908 (3.82 inches); May 14, 1978 (3.38 inches); and May 31, 1940 (3.13 inches).

All this after the driest April since 1963.

Not only that, but 36 years ago Thursday, on May 9, 1977, it snowed.

Isn’t weather something!

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