A Word From Our Sponsor On Providing The Best Environmental Insurance To Your Clients

There are many risks associated with environmental businesses. These risks and exposures are unique to this industry. Therefore it’s important to partner with a company who specializes in environmental insurance to make sure your client receives the best service possible. Eidyia provides a range of programs and plans to meet the needs of your specific client. They understand the special needs of the environmental industry and offer the right coverage to protect your client and save them money.
One of the most important parts of good environmental insurance coverage is including a remediation cost cap. A big problem to those companies in the environmental industry is over charging for remediation. Including a remediation cost cap in your client’s coverage can save them a lot of money.
Eidyia can offer service to a variety of different businesses in the environmental industry. This includes landfills and waste haulers. Municipal solid waste facilities, composting centers and construction debris landfills are also eligible for coverage. Coverage is also available for contractors like emergency response units, hazardous material lead abatement and liquid waste remediation.
One of the best features about Eidyia is their flexibility and willingness to work with your client whether they are the project owner or a contractor or a business owner. The plan can be tailored to fit their specific needs. This is just a sampling of all the services available. If your client needs environmental insurance, take a look at Eidyia, they may have everything you need.

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