A Word From Our Sponsor On Social Service Liability Insurance Providers

Social service providers face unique risks. As the services they provide deal directly with personal care, they are open to a myriad of serious claims. As a result, social service providers need to carry comprehensive Social Services Insurance that is specifically tailored to their area of service. Atlantic Risk Specialists can assist you as an insurance broker in placing social service risk. We are experts in this field and can provide you with access to some of the best providers available. Comprehensive coverage from highly rated and reliable providers will allow you to give your social service clients the coverage they are looking for.
Social service providers need various forms of liability coverage, including but not limited to property, auto, errors and omissions, and workers’ compensation. They may desire to carry umbrella liability insurance as well. Our expertise enables you to create quality Social Services Insurance packages to each and every one of your social service clients.
At Atlantic Risk Specialists, we have found success in placing Social Service Insurance to various social service classes. You may have clients who provide service to the developmentally disabled, the elderly, or to children. Clients may run counseling centers or provide homeless shelter services. You may even have a client from an unrelated field who wants to provide a quality employee assistance program. In any of these cases, we can connect you with the exceptional providers, allowing you to create highly customized and comprehensive insurance packages for your clients.

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