A Word From Our Sponsor On The Basics Of Workers Comp

Because workers compensation is a requirement for all companies that have employees within the state of Pennsylvania, it is important that any business owner take the time to understand a little bit about the basics of this insurance. This will help as they are in the process of setting up their policy, as well as when it comes time to use the insurance.
PA workers comp insurance is a type of insurance that should be in place in order to protect a business as well as its employees in the case of any accident that may occur. When an employee is injured while performing job-related duties or while they are on a jobsite, this insurance does not take into account whose fault it was or why the injury occurred. It is simply in place in order to provide coverage for the related medical bills and expenses of that employee. It can also provide compensation when wages are lost due to an inability to work that may occur as a result of an on the job injury. Furthermore, PA workers comp insurance provides death benefits as well. When an employee uses workers comp insurance, the proper paperwork must be filled out and turned in so that the funds will be granted and the process will work correctly. When you purchase your workers comp insurance policy, make sure that you understand the details and requirements so that you can follow them correctly.

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