A Word From Our Sponsor On What Is Errors & Omissions Insurance For Lawyers

Errors and omissions insurance lawyers is a business liability policy that covers lawyers for defense costs and damage awards in the event of a lawsuit. It specifically covers you or your firm in the event a mistake is made that causes financial harm to another. This type of insurance will help to protect a firm from incurring the full cost of defending itself and for the possible damage awards.
Your firm should consider buying errors and omissions insurance lawyers because lawsuits are not just about negligence; they are about an allegation of negligence. The business environment that a lawyer has to function in today has become very litigious. It sometimes seems like people are looking for a reason to sue. They see it as a way to become financially independent. There are many innocent parties brought into lawsuits because they are one part of a legal action. The alleged error or omission doesn’t have to be made by your firm, but defending the reputation of your firm, whether frivolous or not, can still cost your firm thousands of dollars.
By carrying errors and omissions insurance lawyers coverage you are transferring a portion of the legal expenditure to the insurance carrier if a lawsuit should occur. By planning ahead you can reduce the financial impact on your firm.

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