A Word From Our Sponsor On Workplace Injury Management

Although the main purpose of a workers’ compensation claims management firm will be to bring individual high-risk claims to a successful resolution, they perform another critical purpose that in some ways could be considered better managing the problem rather than the symptoms.

This type of claims management usually happens at the workplace where the strategies employed by the claims management firm are designed as a holistic approach to the problem. The first is to inculcate a return to work focus to each activity. After a serious injury, both the employee and the employer have many concerns focused on themselves. The employee is thinking that he is hurt and is wondering how this will affect his ability to earn money while he is recovering and in the future. He may become defensive when the employer treats him like the bad guy for getting injured. The employer is worried that the injury might generate a runaway cost to his operation, and wonders if he has enough insurance to protect his business. He may be concerned that the injury is an attempt at fraud. The claims management company unites the needs and concerns through a focus of returning the employee to work. The employee feels that his concerns are being addressed and that the claims manager wants what he wants – to be able to continue his job. The employer has an arm’s-length consultant to ensure that he is not being defrauded, and that he has the proper risk management to deal with this and future claims. This is the power of this strategy from a workers’ compensation claims management firm.

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